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Vaccine Induced Strain of Polio Sweeping India

Vaccine Induced Strain of Polio Sweeping India

"The polio vaccine that Bill Gates has been funding in the forced vaccination of every one in third world countries, is killing some and paralyzing many more as the polio virus mutates in response to the vaccine. This has created a far more virulent and aggressive strain of polio. India is a prime target. Currently, an estimated 50,000 have succumbed to vaccine induced polio paralysis which as it turns out is far more virulent than the strain they claimed the vaccine would prevent."


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A startling accusation. . .

worth checking into. Ben Swann? Scott Horton?

Tweeted to

CNN, CBC, and Ben Swann

"forced vaccinations of third

"forced vaccinations of third worlders"

look for autism rates to sky-rocket in this population

The more they poison..

the more they kill..Keep on poisoning the planet Mr. and Mrs. Gates. There is a special place in hell for you murderers. When will the people wake up to see the truth???

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