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A famous author talks about why he was moved to join the Ron Paul Revolution

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This is an incredible article. Hard to believe this stuff is real. My eyes are opening wider every day.

Outstanding article!

I wish that every American could read this article! I have emailed to my whole address list. Some of them are Ron Pauled out from me, but his article will turn a few heads and perk some folks up.

Excellent links here too. I love links. More cowbell & more links!



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MUST read...

why ron's the only possible choice...

Picture this:

You’re a wealthy American. When I say wealthy, I mean $30 million or more in total assets, and probably a wealthy family of fellow millionaires.

You went to fine private schools, and your classmates also came from the priviledged elite. You went to a prestigious private university, and learned the benefits of global socialism, although they called it something else.

You have as much in common with, and have as much contact with, the everyday American as the Man in the Moon.

You may be a member of CFR. If not, you have friends who are. You probably write a (tax-deductible) check to CFR every year.

When you go to a baseball game you sit in a private box. When you go to the opera, you sit in a private box. If you’re G.H.W. bush, you don’t know how to use a credit card machine in the supermarket, because you never have to buy your own food.

All your friends are rich, maybe richer than you are. Most of them are foreigners. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but it does mean that your “crowd” are not Americans, and do not value America’s ideals or its sovereignty.

Over the course of your life, you have built up an image of the world that encompasses a single authority, a “New World Order”. Its principles are “of the elite, by the elite, FOR the elite”.

This is not a bad thing in your mind. In fact, if it weren’t for the enlightened elite, why, the world would be in chaos. The unwashed masses of Americans, devolving every generation, are incapable of responsible stewardship of their affairs.

National sovereignty is passe’. There must be a better way. There is. Globalism, of course, just like you learned in college. Where “your kind” of people run the world, and protect the “little people” from themselves.

To avoid the unpleasant events that may occur when a citizenry is aroused and consience of their gradual enslavement, you shower them with bread and circuses, and frighten them with boogymen from foreign parts. Meanwhile, of course, you rake in the profits from the various by-products of the welfare-warfare state: expensive oil and huge weapons deals, for example.

Life is good for you and yours. Soon the United States will be enveloped into the New World Order, its people “pacified” and ignorant; happy with the tiny fraction of their created wealth that they will get to keep.

All sing (from Caberet):
Tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs to me!

Good perspective.

Things are different when we try to see the world through another persons eyes. I wonder why these "elite" folks that are so well educated and informed can not seem to do the same.

Well painted. The

Well painted. The anthropogenic global warming movement/pseudo-religion has become a major cog in this machine. It is the new eugenics, which had similar goals, if on a more localized scale.

Liberty for Dummies


and yes, that's key. You can't say"Nyahaha, we're EVIL Global Socialist/Fascists, and we're going to RUN ZE VORLD!!! HeHe"

Thanks to Mr. Sheehy

Read and pass on. This is excellent!


If you vote, you deserve the government YOU voted for.
If you vote uninformed, you deserve the government you GET.
If you don't vote, you have no opinion that matters.

Ron Paul

absolute must read


This may go over many people's head. But it is a reminder to me of why I still need to support Ron Paul, for America.



Thanks for Digging this.

Thanks for Digging this.


Again. Great article!


Just sent to tons of people

I e-mailed it to a bunch of

I e-mailed it to a bunch of people too.

841 visitors online now need to read this article

and I am not kidding..

I have been led to believe the board is better off

when not so many of us are logged in. Apparently it saves memory? less likely to crash? Something like that. So visitors? or RP faithful...
In any event I will pass along the important articles found here.. Thanks to all for providing the links.
I can never get enough of Freedom, as I go to log off


This is absolutely the best

This is absolutely the best article on RP I have seen so far. I hope we can do something to promote it.

This explains the whole thing. Thanks, Mr. Sheehy, for voicing your astute opinions.

this is what its all about!

this is what its all about! great article everyone should read this and forward!

For those who have taken the red pill

A well thought out article...


~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

This makes so much sense

This is one of the best, well thought out endorsements I have read so far.

One little line that I like and I wish Ron Paul would start using.

"wants to eliminate the income tax and replace it with reduced spending"

Replacing the income tax with nothing sounds like wishful thinking or no thinking at all. Replacing the income tax with reduced spending conveys exactly how he wants to do it and I think people would take it as a more serious plan.

He might then just add that going back to spending levels of just 10 years ago would eliminate the need for the income tax.

Tim Maitski
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Replace it with Peaceful International Relationships

And greater prosperity at home.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I agree, being specific

I agree, being specific about how he would eliminate the income tax by sufficient spending cuts is important.

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even better article

this one is really good:


Should Ron Paul fail in his bid to become the Republican Party's Presidential nominee, I believe it is critically important that he continue his bid as a Third Party candidate. His campaign is more than a campaign--it is a movement. People by the thousands and money by the millions is pouring in, and it will continue to pour in all the way to the general election. It is essential that Ron Paul stays in the race all the way to November.

Remember, when Abraham Lincoln won in 1860, there were four strong Presidential candidates, and Lincoln won with just 39% of the popular vote. With New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seriously considering an independent bid for the White House, and if Ron Paul, likewise, runs as a Third Party candidate, 2008 could see another race with four strong Presidential contenders. In such a case, anything is possible--including a Ron Paul victory.

The fact is, Ron Paul does not need the support of the Establishment to win. With God's help--and with the help of millions of fed-up and tireless average Joes--anything is possible. Anything.

Here is another thing: the fact that the Establishment hates Ron Paul so much must mean that there is ample reason for ordinary people like you and me to love him!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!