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Romney Speaks on False Domestic Restraining Order Issue

This is fascinating: Mitt Romney was asked what he felt about men being attached with restraining orders based on false accusations.

Most of the time, men are not allowed to talk about such subjects and are hustled out of the room when they try (for instance at Hillary events).

Romney, knowing the issues full well but pretending he didn't, replied as such:



These are weasel words he was saying, but at least he was not openly toeing the Democrat line on the subject.

Interestingly, the National Organization of Women jumped all over him for "not knowing about the Violence Against Women Act" which is also called VAWA.

Ron Paul voted NO to VAWA (Tom Tancredo and two Democrats voted no as well while the entire Senate voted yes including the RINO John McCain).

With this question, Romney was caught between a rock and a hard place because, if this issue gets more press and more candidates are asked to discuss it, the 2008 presidential election will break wide open.

A lot of men care very deeply about a law that makes it profitable for others to falsely accuse them and give them the criminal record of having had a restraining order slapped on them for tactical reasons and not because they were any threat to anyone (divorce attorneys often suggest that a spouse put a restraining order on the other other spouse at the moment divorce is declared in order to win child custody later because of the stigma the restraining order created on its victim).

Ron Paul is best prepared for such a question, which will be coming to him in a public forum, because, again, Ron Paul voted against VAWA.

Ron Paul's public answer to that question will determine his fate with several million male voters, especially divorced dads (I am not divorced but I know about that their rights movement is huge and it is currently standing behind Ron Paul because of his voting record).