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Polls Show Ron Paul At 7%

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wait, i'm confused...don't the machines automatically

correct the vote count to match polls and projected turnout, regardless of the votes cast?
(written with tongue in cheek)

"Make fun, buddy" ~ Ron Paul to Mitt Romney (on behalf of the American people who are tired of being stolen from and lied to) at fauxnewz debate-Jan 10, 2008
(google Murray Sabrin)

Go to church and pray for BAD weather

Drop temperature, drop.

Can we have a little precipitation there please...


Just Got Back from voting Low Turn out So Far 30 votes East China MI


Its Cold Here This Morning 28 to 22 Deg. Peeps wont line up when its cold

We have to get Dem votesssssssss

Call your friends, or use msn or what ever.

Yep with some snow in the Detroit Area this morning also...

I think you are right, we might have a smaller than average turnout, which I'm sure is in Ron Paul's favor.