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For those who are negative on campaign HQ's- Get Freedom

Dr. Ron Paul's message is all about individual freedom, individual rights, the freedom to run your lives, and speak as you please. Dr. Paul's message is not about an outside entity running your life, nor policing your every movement.

More and more I hear on these message boards that the Campaign HQ's is not doing what we all think they should do. The campaign is not "centrally planning" the path forward.

Central planning is exactly the antithesis of his message. He wants us to be free and his campaign should reflect that freedom.

We just do not know how to handle it. We do not understand the gift of freedom. We have been so long programmed about the way campaigns should behave and how the media should report.

Understand that this effort is first and foremeost about freedom....................... adapt to freedom......and spread the word.

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It is up to Ron to fix his Campaign Leadership

It is up to Ron to make changes in his Campaign Leadership.

I appreciate your remarks about "freedom", and the comments of those defending the current campaign leadership. We thank them for there efforts.

I wrote a post after Iowa, called, "The top ten reasons we lost Iowa". I spent several hours writing it. It had nearly 300 reponses to it. Many by current and past NHQ and various State HQ workers and leaders.

The key problems are these -- as identified by those who worked in the "inside".

1. Ron Paul hired his longtime friends to be his campaign leadership.

2. None of his friends that he hired have ever won a presidential primary, or run a successful national campaign.

3. Ron never expected this to be as big and successful, nor did his staff.

4. Having never won a presidential primary, or having led a successful national campaign, they are in way over their heads; they just do not have the skills or background to do so. Being a successful campaign manager (or senior staff member) requires -- like being a doctor -- years of experience, knowledge, --- and having run prior campaigns that have won.

5. According to former NHQ staff -- NHQ leadership made a choice to ignore the grassroots volunteers --so how the NHQ does this, is -- they do not return phone calls, or emails for the most part. If you call up -- and bring up taboo subjects -- they just hang up. This is why you read on DailyPaul scores of people mad because they did not get their calls returned, or emails responded to -- or they felt like the person hung up on them.

In politics -- your volunteers are to be cherished -- there is no excuse for this behavior. Leadership in the wrong direction. They need an effective Office Manager.

6. Another "insider" compliant is that one of the senior staff members has a financial interest in the Ads being produced. So when scores of people wonder why the poor ads, -- and comment like "I've seen better on YouTube" --- this may be part of the problem -- this may be why we can't get a different company making the Ads. Has the current Ad group ever won a Presidential Primary?

7. Then, from the "insiders" -- there is serious anger over the high salaries for Ron's friends (campaign leadership) who have never won a presidential campaign. And --- that some top campaign people have hired relatives at top salaries -- who again do not meet the experience level needed.

8. I can go on, but just go back in the history of DailyPaul -- it is pretty buried now, but look up "Top Ten Reasons we Lost Iowa - Not for the Faint Hearted"
and read the responses. I did also receive private emails regarding the post -- of which I have shared comments here.

For me, I really don't care if Ron hires his friends, and that they get big salaries, or hire their relatives. I do care that the Constitution of The Untied States hangs by a thread, and each day our Civil Rights are going going gone -- and that the CFR New World Order agenda folks want my guns, Holy Scriptures, and now the Internet. This election is no game -- this is serious -- thousands dead in Iraq -- now Bush looking for a way to Bomb Iran. We need a President. We need to save our Constitution.

We need to win this election. We need professionals who have won before and know how to win. Here in Michigan, we could have finished third if Ron would have taken the advice of a town to town bus tour over a week long -- but no -- NHQ -- they don't do the bus tour. But they did send us 4,000 signs with less than a week to put them up -- thanks.

Don't blame me for these remarks -- I have spent untold hours and dollars campaigning for Ron Paul because he is the only candidate that is not cfr. In my post I have only quoted current and former staff members who vented to me.

To me, Ron Paul needs to restructure his campaign leadership. He has to select beween his friends and the Constitution; the current match is not working.

Ron can even promote his friends -- give them new titles; I don't care about the salaries; but for crying out-loud bring in people who know how to run a campaign.

This is more important now, for the 4th party run (as Mike Bloomberg will be the third party candidate). We do need to keep running hard towards the Rep nomination for as long as realistic, because that just helps for November for the 4th party -- in a four way race - we have hope -- so save your signs and slim Jims, and other campaign mmaterials.

Let us each pray for our Constitution, that God will help us save it, as He helped our nation, through our Founding Fathers, give birth to it.

Only Repentance, and Faith in the Atonement of Jesus The Lamb will Save our Beloved Constitution.

Try reading one verse before you start your car.

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Independent Ad efforts

While I agree with some of the criticism of the campaign, that they should be doing something different and should employ ads as imaginative and moving as those produced by the talent we see on YouTube, I mostly agree.

We don't need the campaign to direct everything. We can probably be more effective on our own, for instance by donating to an independent effort to air TV ads in support of Ron Paul.

One such effort is on this website:
Which has some pretty good ads, but with the talent we've seen on YouTube I think we could do even better. I'd love to see Bring Them Home on the air:
Its very moving and puts the lie to the bumpersticker rhetoric that says that if you support the troops you support the war.
I'd love to know that these were going on TVs in South Carolina, Florida and California.
California is a place where I think we can do well, but we need to hit it hard.
If anyone wants to put some things on the air in the Houston area, let me know. I work with an advertising agency here sometimes and can get information on the price of air time.
I'm also an animator. I can use 3DS Max, After Effects and edit video a little. gbanville@gmail.com

if every ron paul supporter

just got one other person to vote for ron paul...

we would double our percentages.


I've decided to focus on only one issue when I introduce Ron Paul to people. And this is working for me.

AMERICA UNDER ATTACK from inside by CFR. Do you support USA or NAU?

See here for the details (There are links to videos that gave me good resutls.)

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Correct. The campaign IS a corporation.

You run it as you would a business. We are the investors. The campaign answers to US...the shareholders.

If the shareholders don't like who's running the company because the company losses are too high (or loses states in this case). Guess what?

You replace management.

Kent Snyder and Lew Moore are the management.

Replace them with better management...management who may show us profits by executing the "buisness plan" better.

We're a Revolution!

You want a well-run corporation, I think Romney is your man. Perfect hair and everything.

We the "grassroots" are the Revolution!

But David is absolutely right about the campaign (they are not the Revolution).
We have the right candidate, Ron Paul, the right message, Freedom, the most money raised this quarter and the most passionate supporters! It saddens me and I hate to say it but it's the truth. The only thing keeping us from winning is the campaign. Whoever it was in the campaign, who was responsible for planning the strategy for NH (5th place) should be replaced.IMO. That state BELONGED to Ron! (1st place) I'm not going to go into the details here but I'll just say, our adversaries couldn't have planned a better strategy to lose. And before you start attacking me, I know what I'm talking about. I was at the 1st house party in NH for Ron, last Feb. and been with him ever since. I, like others have literally pledged my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor for this cause of FREEDOM. I've maxed out $2300. Took the year off work (which paid over $100,000 year) to work full time on the grassroots effort. I did my share of canvassing ,sign waving, rallies, letter writing, etc. and probably converted a few scores of people. I just hope to God, Ron cleans house, because only he can.

Thanks! Ron Paul is

Ron Paul is definitely not trying to fit supporters into some central plan. But he does trust the system--that's why he put his fundraising live online and free market and some patriots did the rest.

Lymeade Lady

Lymeade Lady

Let's save the complaining...

to when Ron Paul actually isn't doing well. How many states have had primaries? How many states are there in the union? Give the guy that we are all willing to trust as President and Commander in Chief a little credit. Not only is he a shrewd politician (as we have heard about in his congressional campaigns) he is a very great thinker, especially in economics (the study of markets and the like). Let him work some magic. We will too at the Grassroots level, and together, we shall be unstoppable!

But the problem is

they have become the central repository of the funds. They have many millions of our dollars, so they'd better engage in some quality central planning. If you're right about the inadequacy of central planning then most of those funds should have been sent to decentralized grassroots projects. However, I have seen much better central planning by a few others campaigns.


Im sure you have seen alot from "Other" campaigns. Go back under your bridge now.

this is a Long Race

How long does that $20M have to last? There have been 96 delegates so far, There are 136 from now until Feb 1. Then SUPER Tuesday with 1,081. Do you really think he should be blowing money like it was water in these early States that have been penalized just so you can say, 'we won Iowa'? This is a LONG HAUL. The game is Delegates, not popular votes.

Besides, how much are you sending in to replace the money being spent? Maybe you ought to read about his past 10 campaigns and how he has waged and won them despite the odds. His campaign is infinitely more transparent than the other candidates. Get a grip or pick a candidate that will tell you what to do (just don't expect to hear what they do with the money you send them!)

Central Planning?

You mean like the communist you work for Devon? Some say Devon is a paid troll by the Huckabee campaign.

Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.

A conspiracy theory a day

keeps the Doctor away?


Conspiracy?? as in 9/11 conspiracy?? are you implying that WE Paulites are Conspiracy Theory backers....
That was a freudian slip DEVON....

Now heres wishful thinking - a conspiracy theory a day keeps the DEVON away... BUT no chance of that is there troll??


I have no idea what you just said.

Your are an ignorant troll...

there, I translated my post for you...

sorry to rain on the parade

We donated $20M so that RP could have a professional and successful campaign, not for the disappointing results we've had so far. In order to achieve success in this media and cultural environment, it's rather obvious that the official campaign needs to step up, and bring in some staff experienced in running national campaigns so that we can actually win a state. Right now the campaign is moving like an amorphous blob, spreading itself too thinly without any unified message or direction. Again, I am talking about the campaign - not Ron Paul's consistent and excellent platform.

Similarly, we have a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm in the grass roots, but are we using those efforts effectively. A lot if not most of us are participating for the first time and could use some advice and direction in how we can best help the campaign. A lot of effort is being devoted to inefficient to downright wasteful efforts, some of which have been counterproductive. I have seen criticisms in the forums about overly aggressive volunteers in NH for example. We have the greatest number of meetup members, and by far the most dedicated crew, so why isn't the campaign taking better advantage of it?

A campaign isn't a government, it's a corporation...

and the campaign should be run like a business. Most successful businesses don't take democratic votes on how to run things. And they don't let their "grass roots" employees do whatever they each individually thinks is best for the company.

This company is "RonPaul2008". It has one objective: getting Dr Paul elected.

Once he wins, he can GOVERN they way we elected him to.
"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge

Jefferson's picture


Successful companies/crps. will have their CEO spend time on the front lines with the grunts in the trenches.
ie; CEO of LOWES ( a 5 star hotel chain) spent time in almost every dept. from changing the linens with the maids to working with room service,and in the kitchen, front desk etc.
Point is that many of the best ideas come from the bottom up...from the people experiencing the problems first hand.

Saturn,the car company...started letting management decisions come from the assembly line,instead of some guy in a pressed shirt in some office 500 miles away...
who has a better perspective than those in the trenches doing the work,and can best solve problems as they deal with them on a daily basis..

i'm not sure this is the best model for the official campaign.....but there are a lot of good ideas from the "grunts" and people here ready to help and may just need a little direction,or need to give a little direction
Campaign is not doing a satisfactory job for many reasons.
Ads are not done well...
MSM is working against us...

THE ... most important thing we can do other than support the campaign and the grassroots efforts physically and financially, IS BECOME A DELEGATE,AND A PRECINCT CAPTAIN....

I know many are new to the political process,and becoming a delegate, seems intimidating,
it was for me...Luckily, I am surrounded by many great knowledgeable activists here in Austin, Tx

You got to go to the GOP meetings,play the game,be persuasive,and win a RP delegate position.


Right analogy, wrong conclusion

Yup, this IS a company. And like any sucessful business, it should have ACCOUNTABILTY to shareholders. With grassroots raising almost all of the funds this company has, they most definitely have a responsibility to US. Otherwise the board of directors gets fired.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

Then don't

It is all about each person talking to their neighbor, their coworker, their friend. It is not more complicated than that. My parade is in full stride. Please march to your drum and spread the word. Its about you and no one else. Who have you touched?

Jefferson's picture


The GOP is not going to pull their heads from their arses and give him the nomination...IMHO

Think Universally

and act locally : )


You are right. We have to do all we personally can.

A combination is needed

Ever hear the term "Herding Cats". Freedom is great but if you are trying to reach a destination, you also need a sense of direction and general plan of how to get there.

THAT'S the best description I have heard yet of this campaign!

and I don't mean that as a rip on the campaign. It's pretty much exactly the case here.

I personally believe that Dr Paul's campaign KNOWs exactly where the cats are being herded. It's to an INDEPENDENT run for president. But he cannot step away from the GOP too soon. That would be a dumb waste of good publicity. He would loose access to any future debates, and loose an audience with those republicans that still don't know much about him. He needs to ride this horse (elephant?) to the very edge and then hop off at the last possible minute.

I think that's what he is doing. I think it's his best chance of seriously contending on election day. Maybe I am wrong.

"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge

Good post!

ditto wd4freedom!