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Does Rand Paul know something we don't? He's pledged his allegiance to Romney.

Rand Paul "Allegiance To Romney"


While the rest of the liberty movement is fighting the two party system Rand Paul casts his principles to the side and surrenders his integrity to the machine.

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Maybe Rand

doesn't think that Rmoney will beat obummer...but he wants to be seen as being with the party so that they cannot use it against him if he runs in 2016. Rand may be slicker than we think. Time will tell.

Oh....he's slick alright. So

Oh....he's slick alright. So was Nixon and Clinton.

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Rand won't speak to Ron Paul until Thanksgiving? What?

What's going on here? Cavuto gives Rand a hard time in this interview and rightly so.

Rand: The difference between Romney and Obama is stark.
What is the difference?

Rand Has Gone Over To The Dark Side

Rand must be aware that Romney was chosen to be the next President at the last Bilderberg meeting. He wants to be in with the next power structure. Rand has gone over to the Dark side.

I could imagine this conversation

"Dad, if you could do it over again, is there anything you would do different in your time in politics?"

"Well, I don't know that I'd do it any different. But I do think that had I played the game a little more and gained more media influence I would have had a louder voice and possibly been able to change more people's minds. But I think I did it just the way I was supposed to."

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Not sure who they are referring to as the "rest of the

liberty movement" but I have not chosen to fight the two party system (but by all means, have at it).

I have chosen to change the republican party from within & Rand is my golden ticket.

And no, I am not voting for Romney.

Yes. He knows how to compromise

his principles.
He knows how to dance with the Devil, and let the Devil lead.
Some feel this is our "best chance." I feel if this is our best chance, we lost. Liberty, truth, justice - they go together or all are lost. You cannot have "a little" liberty, nor "some" truth, and certainly not "almost" justice. Life has many gray areas, but in this, any deviation from the absolute leaves you with slavery, lies and injustice.
It is time to stop shirking responsibility for our lives, to stop picking leaders and start living as free humans.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


He's traveling the country and building bridges for a 2016 run. His influence isn't going to make or break Romney's campaign. Keep your eyes on the prize, people--Rand Paul 2016! I know a lot of you keep saying, "he isn't his father's son". That may be true, but after Ron leaves the Congress, Rand is by far the best we've got. Sorry, but Justin Amash isn't going to run for President in 2016. Get behind him now.

Ain't no way Rand is going to

Ain't no way Rand is going to get the Ron Paul legions to put him over the top in 2016. He's burned too many bridges with us. Without us, he has nothing. The Hannity types won't trust him enough either.

In the "Stranger Things Have Happened Dept."

As some think of Rand running in 2016, I wonder if the Dems will prop up Elizabeth Warren. She really gets under my skin but I'm leery of her just the same.

Do you smell smoke?

I'd say he's burning bridges.
I keep my eyes on the prize - truth. The lesser of 2 evils argument applies, even if the last name is "Paul." I will not be supporting Rand Paul unless he makes some MAJOR changes. He needed to FURTHER than his father, not water down his father's work.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Fide, sed cui Vide! (Dutch comment)

I'm as sceptical as they come, concerning this "changing the system from within". That's some Gramscian thing for socialists who'll find the system extremely comfortable and accomodating, but not for any principled Libertarian who'll be mauled by the machine as soon as he's branded as such.


What was it about the tree, fruit and judgement?

If in some unforseeable future, Rand might demonstrate having pulled off the "Crime of the Century" (against the state), then this Dutchie will set fire to his wooden shoes, grill some tulip bulbs over it and wash those down with a stark brew of fermented raw milk digestive called Pina Hollanda ;-)

Kind regs from / Amsterdam (clip) /, Holland,


Rand Paul rocks

I will cast my vote for him when given the chance.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

It is called "Go along to get along."

Rand can say what he wants as long as he never accomplishes anything. He probably will not have any serious opposition in the GOP primary when he runs again as long as he plays ball. That is not "changing things from the inside" by any means.

I'm going to play devil's advocate

and also remind some that RP himself accomplished very little in his 30 year career by way of legislation. It was in his last year of his congressional term that "Audit the Fed" was to some degree, successful. RP also earmarked a great deal of tax payer money for his congressional district. AND he also endorses people like Bob Barr. omg

Honestly, if we're gonna start opening a can of worms...let's open it all the way, I swear.

Accomplished Very Little?

....in his over thirty year career as far as legislation leaves out a very significant accomplishment.

For over 30 years he stood alone in saying "No" to the fiat money laundering system, government in our business, foreign intervention ...and the list goes on.

Did he have followers at that time within the "system" who stood with him because they were not bought and enabled some of his nation saving legislation to pass? No.

What was accomplished in those thirty years is that when he had the opportunity to speak to the American people (who have reason to not believe or trust any politician) and be heard he was able to have a spotless record stand behind what he was saying. At a critical time. That record and lack of legislation passed spoke volumes to people all over the world. Without it, many would have thought he was just another politician who said the right things. Instead he was not only listened to and believed, he was trusted. A disillusioned, apathetic mass began waking up to the possibility that there was reason to believe that "good, honest and consistent"
politicians who had not be bought were a possibility. Some entered or are considering entering politics because of him.

I know you were playing devil's advocate, Kat. My answer is that someone other than the devil finally stood up and said "this is what I have always believed and fought for."


He's trying to change it from

He's trying to change it from the inside, the people against him in the Senate and the GOP cannot live forever (they're old/ growing unpopular). Let him do his thing then we'll see if it was worth it.

Southern Agrarian

Inside? He certainly was MIA

Inside? He certainly was MIA when it came to be "inside" the crucial state conventions earlier this year. He is busting his butt for Romney but didn't lift a finger for his dad when most needed.

Time is A Luxury

MOST of us can NOT afford in a depression... If that is the case, what do you guys have against FDR. Your going by his playbook...