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Arms, Arms, Everywhere Arms

We armed and backed Iraq against Iran then said Iraq had WMDs then we went after Iraq. Then we armed Afganistan to go after the Russians then we went after Afganistan. Now we are selling Saudi Arabia more arms to use against Iran but tell them they can't use them against Israel. At the same time we give 30 billion in military aid to Israel to use against the Arabs.
Not to mention 10 billion to Pakistan for their military.

Quote from aricle:
"We must also make certain that the administration does not just try to use a few arms sales to substitute for the comprehensive, coherent strategy we need for the region."

Oh yea! A really comprehensive, coherent strategy for the region.!

Anyone for a new foreign policy?

Just wondering if the The Carlyle Group is making any money off this.


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even "The Nation" gets it.


Despite the headline, it's easy to see that the problem is massive BIpartisan corruption, to the detriment of everyone-else's grandkids.

Pretty disgusting, isn't it?

We start the fights, we sell the arms to both sides, and then we send in our special interests to profit from the rebuilding.

Pretty sad so few people see it.