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6% to Effect a (Peaceful) Revolution

Historians have noted that only about 6% of the population actively supported the effort during the Revolutionary war. The rest went about life as usual.

Given the numbers supporting RP at the voting booth, we have already surpassed the number necessary for our Peaceful Revolution. (Underline peaceful.) Of course, casting a vote and being willing to give one's life on behalf of his country, are not the same thing. However, if will will pledge ourselves to have the level of commitment the colonists did when they overthrew the tyranny of the British monarchy, we can and we will prevail!

Keep up the good work! WE are soon to be FREE AT LAST!

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Yes, while true that only 6%

participated, it should be noted that the Revolution would have never been won had Ben Franklin not succeeded in getting the French Military to back us. Hugo Chavez and Bin Laden? LOL!!!

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

And yet we have examples of PEACEFUL options

MLK and Gandhi both serve as examples of men in our century who DID make a difference! While we are not looking for martyrs, neither are we calling upon mercenaries.

Protest and Civil Disobedience are powerful tools still well within our scope of action. As Ron has said time and time again, this is ONLY the beginning of the revolution and paradigm shift...

Revolutions are never peaceful

Those of you who think the garbage in charge is going to give up power they've ILLEGALLY obtained with a peaceful revolution are deluding themselves. Things are certainly different now, weapons have changed, tactics have changed, and the people have changed. But the taste and smell of liberty has not, and will never change. We are all Americans, it doesn't matter what your political stripe is, we've been divided for far too long. Let us join hands and go about bringing change to a country that is starving for it's own freedom. Ron Paul brought us all together for this cause. We are awake, we cannot go back to sleep. We see the emperer has no cloths, and for an updated reference we've all taken the red pill.

Revolution is comming ladies and gentleman, we all know it, and we all feel it. Whether it is peaceful or armed conflict resides with the ones taking our liberties.

The Tree Of Liberty is starving and we all now what it needs for food.


Yes, our peaceful revolution may one day take a turn. I rather doubt it will be in our lifetimes. Hopefully, it will not come at all. Right now we have job ahead of us and we know what it is. The point of the post is that a small minority that is committed can effect change. So, let's get to the task at hand and be thankful that our ranks are full enough to give us a win if we remain true to what we believe and commit our selves, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

I'm in.


Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Yeah, but the british were pussies

compared to the people in charge now.

British were liberal handwringers, especially General Clinton

The British people, at the time, were actually divided in the manner the US has been over the Iraq War and Vietnam War.

The British were especially overwrought when the young American woman, Janie McCrea, was raped and murdered by an indian who was working for the British as they advanced on the Hudson River by Albany before the Battle of Saratoga in the summer and fall of 1777.

This handwringing helped the American patriots to propagandize the incident while ignoring the fact that Janie McCrea was a British loyalist who wanted to marry one of the British officers advancing on Albany.

Basically, the smart 6% couldn't convince the dummies to come over to their side by logic so they used unfair propaganda to quickly turn the tide of public opinion in their favor.

Masses of incensed men, who stupidly believed that the British were suddenly monsters who wanted to rape their wives and daughters, rushed to the fields of "Saratoga" and defeated the British in a 3 week battle in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.

Meanwhile, General Clinton enjoyed the gay lifestyle in Greenwich Village, Manhattan (not that there is anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say).

General Clinton should have been prosecuting a war but didn't really bother because he was a Whig and the Whig's wanteds the Tories to lose the war (sound familiar).

Clinton did send his lover, Major Andre to make a deal with Benedict Arnold to capture West Point. When Andre was captured, it broke the heart of General Washington and the patriots to have to hang him because they really wanted to trade him for Benedict Arnold (Clinton could not make the trade because that would mean no other American would come to the British side again).

Anyway...it is true that the people who have power now are not liberals like the British were in 1777.

Do not suppose that similar

Do not suppose that similar circumstances will not come to help us today! Do you think the military supports the establishment or Ron Paul? Ron Pau! They don't want to fight under the UN flag or go to foreign fields to die for who knows what, they don't support the establishment agenda at all! Besides, we are talking about a peaceful revolution, not a violent one, and the one point is that if we commit our selves we can and will ultimately win.