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Stand up for Ron Paul


Remember Maine. Remember Louisiana. Remember Oklahoma. Remember Oregon.

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expand your base

Rather than persisting in wooing Ron Paul supporters, ie Vote for Johnson to spite the republicans", however just the reason. Ron inspired so many people to wave signs, make phone calls, knock on doors because he has a coherent message, and because of his years crying in the wilderness.

I have not seen much passion for Johnson outside of this website, just people trying to grow another party. Maybe another party is not the solution.


my point here is...

I think we'll make the biggest impact for our movement... by making a material impact on this year's election.

I think the only way we can make an impact... is to unite our votes behind GJ, regardless of if you like him (I think we all know he won't win).

So why write-in Ron Paul, if it will not further our cause? I believe if we garnered 10+% of the vote... it would send a pretty big signal/shockwave of an imminent change.

Also, it could help provide future inroads for 3rd party involvement in future conventions/debates/etc.

the impact

There are two effects on voting. One is the effect on the election -ours will be neglible. One is the impact on myself. Every choice I make impacts my soul some how. I vote pro-life - I call in global pro-life. Where are politicians on killing the defenseless unborn (and the severely ill) and where are they about our insane idea that bombing the sh*t out of foreigners will make the love and appreciate us. I don't believe deviating from this will help.



Well, I wrote in Ron Paul in 2008.

I actually think I would feel better by not writing him in this year. I hope RP supporters unite for a protest vote against the Republicans and Democrats.

not feelings

It isn't about feelings. It is about acting in a way consistent with what I think is right. It is not consenting when I don''t think a vote for any of them would lead this country where it needs to go.


Bait and Switch

I took the bait on a Ron Paul post and had the topic switched to Gary Johnson.

I do not understand the necessity of this. Can Gary Johnson not stand on his own, or must Ron Paul be his "fishing lure?"

More like....

"Stand Up for Paul and write him in."

I don't play, I commission the league.


I believe writing in Ron Paul will do nothing to further the movement.

If we all united our vote behind Johnson, whether you like him or not, the symbol & message it will send could help advance the revolution / movement / cause.

What if we garnered 10% of the vote? Could it lead to 3rd Party in-roads? Could it force the GOP to include us... or die as a party?

You know when the LP will deserve major-party status...

and matching funds?

When they nominate a PRINCIPLED conservative who respects life, wants to end the taxation scam instead of just shifting the burden, and whose foreign-policy stance is more nuanced and enlightened than "I'm leaving nothing off the table".

On the core issues of this movement, Gary just doesn't measure up. Tough luck, LP. Nominate someone better next time.

Oh, and even then, I'd personally rather have no political parties at all than a lot of them. But that would have to wait until we get a vocal majority of true liberty candidates in office.

I don't play, I commission the league.

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