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"United States Government" Is A Private Company Categorized Under Marketing Programs and Services


EDIT 10/25: Someone actually changed the link information to "frozen yogurt stand" I simply don't know what to say... but I gotta laugh... that's hilarious! You can easily "claim this profile" so manta will need to do something about that...

William Derberger updated this company profile on 10/24/2012

Debunk this BAR members:

Previous information: (which manta will need to re-update due to fraud)
United States Government
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500-0003 map

United States Government in Washington, DC is a private company categorized under Marketing Programs and Services.

Also please provide a PDF link to your "license to practice law," from a VALID state agency which you presume to have.

Now since I cannot prove a negative it would be quite futile to claim that you don't need a license, nor pass a "BAR exam" to be a lawyer, however I would challenge any BAR member to SHOW US THE LAW which requires a license to do so.


State Bar Of Texas

State Bar Of Texas in Houston, TX is a private company categorized under Lawyers Bar Associations. Our records show it was established in and incorporated in Texas.

Now I've gotten over the initial shock, anger and desire to basically start doing things I would later regret with respect to these BAR members extorting my friends, neighbors and relatives, but I'm really curious if BAR members have any clue what's going to happen as soon as Joe Sixpack realizes EN MASS that BAR members have been selling him up the river... and never intended to give him any kind of a legitimate defense in their private meeting rooms that they like to call "courts."


Ionia County Probate Court in Ionia, MI is a private company categorized under County Government-Courts.

And for the BAR members presuming "police" have any more authority than Wal-Mart security guards I must present also the following information.


Police Department in Tryon, OK is a private company categorized under Police Departments.

Please explain how these PRIVATE COMPANIES have any more authority over me than WAL-MART does? You are hereby commanded by this member of the Sovereign people to CEASE AND DESIST harming my people... and to go get a job doing something productive instead of LEACHING off the producers in this country.

"at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people [the owners], and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects, … and have none to govern but themselves [self-government]; the citizens of America [corporations or people with the status of “citizen”] are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants [by their consent to be governed through corporate charters or private contracts] in the sovereignty." -- Chisholm v. Georgia 2 U.S. (1973)

“all corporations shall be deemed citizens of the States by which they have been incorporated and of the States where they have their principle place of business.” – Eisenberg v. Commercial Union Assurance Company, 189 F.Supp. 500 (1960)

Has it occurred to you that folks like myself, South, Clay and others have been trying to SAVE YOUR LIVES? What do you think is going to happen when these people realize what's been done to them... and that you KNEW THIS ALL THE TIME? Your con has harmed countless numbers of people, busted up families, created controversy when there was none. All for the money. You have sold your souls to the devil but I have good news:

You can STILL repent. I for one offer you my forgiveness if you do the ONLY THING that will save your own lives: Repent of your sins against the Creator and good people who were only trying to get to the truth.

For a more thorough tour of the rabbit hole feel free to add "vinceableworld" to your skype. NOTICE: I do not consent to my skype being monitored by any of these private companies. Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.

Time is running out... this information is spreading like a brush fire.

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You used to be able to search at Dunn & Bradstreet

before this information started getting out... then they switched to a paid system where you could not get the company profile unless you paid to become a member.

Since then I started using Manta - Manta will now have to start policing their company profiles better. Unfortunate what some will go to such great lengths to conceal their criminal activity instead of just doing something legit. Crime is unfortunately so profitable - especially when you run the existing "courts" nationwide.




Debunk this BAR members:

United States Government
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500-0003 map

United States Government in Washington, DC is a private company categorized under Marketing Programs and Services.

Watch that first step down the rabbit hole...

It's a doozy!

Do rabbits like frozen yogurt?

Seriously, dude, this has got to be one of the strangest ones yet from you. WTF?

My cat's fight over lemon

My cat's fight over lemon yogart !

deacon's picture

mine 2 do

plus they like ice cream

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Is there any substance whatsoever

to your accusation of being "strange?"

Is that the BEST you can do?

Explain how it is "strange?"

You make my case with this baseless accusation. Thank you.

See this brothers and sisters?

They put their pants on just like we do.

What do you see when you follow that link?

Are we looking at completely different things?

EDIT: I'm talking about this link:
from the first line of the original post.

Hmm doggy....

I wonder if you can claim all those profiles all by yourself? Perhaps you'll need to gather up a bunch of your BARfly buddies?


They couldn't debunk the information so they instead edited the actual link information! Wow that's stooping to a new low. Will have to edit the post.

FYI - In your zeal to debunk the information I would point out that you probably did not read the terms and conditions very thoroughly before you signed up and "claimed the profile."

For posterity's sake

I'll just note that "The United States Government" at that link claims to be the name of a frozen yogurt stand, with the slogan: The United States Government is here to serve YOU ... Frozen Yogurt!!

It also lists *banking* as a service. Very strange.

You can't take anything from Manta at face value. They scrape databases and create pages via templates, filling in missing data often in incorrect ways, hoping to get small business owners to pay money in order to have some control over what manta says about their company.

Classic "shoot the messenger" tactics

I'm reporting fraud to manta as we speak. It was probably you who changed the record. Since you just admitted that they "scrape databases on a regular basis" - then by your own admission they got the information that UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is a private company - from somewhere... right?

a Subordinate Franchise,

as U$A, = Usurious $ionist Agency.

an agent operates on behalf of ~ ~
= license granted by a company to an individual or group to market its product$ or services in a specific territory.

added as party to...

added as party to...

"Home is where it's hardest."



Here ya go

To corroborate what you posted... Not sure if the links still work but I posted this back in 2009


End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Great post!

All totaled I've been studying law for about four years and I haven't met a BARfly that could go toe-to-toe with me for very long before sticking his foot in his mouth.

First you actually read a constitution... then you realize you're going to need to know how to hold public servants accountable - in a court... in order to restore it.

There are certain fundamentals which - once you've learned them... you realize these BARflies are standing on a house of cards. Their entire business model is a complete illusion.

All that's needed is for the people to open their eyes and stop living in the nightmare - and realize the only way their rights can be taken away is if they don't know what they are and don't know how to enforce the law when their rights are violated.

is vinceableworld googleable

ain't got a skype


I don't have a website... do a lot of independent research and don't really have a lot of time to maintain a site. http://www.skype.com/ I've got around 300 contacts so there's a lot of peer-to-peer education going on... source gathering etc...

I heard about the "corporate" us of a some years ago and

am amazed at this research. we need to pass this on.

Thanks for your post(s).

You're welcome.

It's the "corporate" you they are dealing with. They cannot order around lawfully - unless we contract to act under a certain name and by certain rules.

Everything is about contracts.

So what is the point?

The point is that there are no actual governments. There are only private companies in the business of governing others... by their consent. You grant consent by voter registration, social security, Driver License and other CONTRACTS.

Everything in this world - runs on CONTRACTS.

The FACT is: No private company can FORCE you to contract with them. This would be the same as wal-mart coming to your house and collecting a fee because you have not shopped at their store in a while.

If you do not wish to participate - you do not have to. The trick is to figure out which contracts you have entered into - who you have granted POWER OF ATTORNEY to - and revoke it.

You can revoke your consent at any time... especially if you were deceived at the time you signed said contract. This is basic contract law.

So what, do you not have to

So what, do you not have to pay taxes or something? What's the point?

Ventura 2012

The point is...

Do you have to pay taxes to Wal-Mart?

No... because you don't have a bonafide contract to accept benefits from and pay taxes to Wal-Mart.

So you don't file income tax

So you don't file income tax returns?

Ventura 2012

Do you know what the word "income" means BARfly?

Black's Law 5th:

Income. The return in money from one's business, labor, or capital invested; gains, profits, salary, wages, etc.

Money. In usual and ordinary acceptation it means coins and paper currency used as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate. Lane v. Railey, 280 Ky. 3 1 9, 133 S.W.2d 74, 79, 8 1 . See also Currency; Current money; Flat money; Legal tender; Near money; Scrip; Wampum.

Now since I've never been paid any money, I don't have any income. Therefore am I REQUIRED to file a tax return?

FYI: Before you answer I would direct you to look up USC 26 sec 7806

Interesting, I wonder if

You mean this?


I don't know what this has to do with anything.

You have to go with Federal law and the Internal Revenue Code to determine such things, by the way.

The Blacks(9th)is:

Income. (16c) The money or other form of payment that one receives, usu. periodically, from employment, business, investments, royalties, gifts, and the like. See EARNINGS. Cf. PROFIT.

Money. (14c) 1. The medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a government as part of its currency; esp. domestic currency . UCC § 1–201(24).

Currency. (17c) An item (such as a coin, government note, or banknote) that circulates as a medium of exchange. See legal tender.

Ventura 2012

Aww BARfly?

I was just gettin warmed up... where did you go? :(

BARfly - I notice your definitions

come from the later Black's law where they have "sanitized" the terms in order to further hide the fraud. That does not give the words.. when certain institutions were created - any less validity.

I like Black's Law 5th and before where the terms were clearly defined and did not leave out pertinent information. The courts by and large - as you know - use the 5th edition more than any other.

Nice try though.

The later Black's law books - while the courts NEVER USE THEM - are basically just to confuse the sheep and make them think they need an BAR member to translate for them.

But let me blow your definition of money out of the water:

The medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a government

I accept your definition!

Fortunately though the government of the uSA adopted gold and silver coin as the medium of exchange.

P.S. Thanks for keeping this post bumped... the info needs to get out.

BTW: Where are the rest of the vultures? Have they sent you in because they have failed miserably to re-brainwash the people I've been waking up? Maybe they've asked you for some help?

I'm flattered :) Your move BARfly...

OH ONE MORE THING.... come on you know what 7806 says... don't play dumb with me. For the other readers however they should know that when you break down that big long confusing paragraph it translates to one thing: IT'S NOT LAW.