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Ron Paul Endorses 5 Candidates in Maine (UPDATE)




Portland, Maine, October 22, 2012 – Former Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is endorsing five candidates running for the Maine State legislature, including three incumbents and two challengers.

In his endorsement letter to Rep. Aaron Libby, the Texas Congressman writes, “Because you have demonstrated that you are willing to fight for individual liberties and stand up for the Constitution, I have decided to endorse your campaign.”

The three incumbent legislators—Aaron Libby (House – Waterboro, Lyman), Beth O’Connor (House – Berwick), and Heather Sirocki (House – Scarborough)—all endorsed Ron Paul during Maine’s 2012 Presidential Caucuses.

The two challengers—John Logan Jones (House – Falmouth) and Mike Wallace (Senate – South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough)—both served as National Delegates for Ron Paul to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

“After a stunning victory at the Maine Republican Convention, Ron Paul’s endorsement carries significant weight with Maine’s conservative grassroots,” says Eric Brakey, the former Maine State Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign. He currently serves as the Chairman for Defense of Liberty PAC, which has also endorsed the candidates.

“As the November elections approach for these candidates, I expect an outpouring of support from the grassroots across Maine,” added Brakey.


CONTACT: Eric Brakey, Chairman of Defense of Liberty PAC
Email: eric@defenseoflibertypac.com
Phone: 207-406-0897



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henry9's picture

Dang it...

None from my part of the state.

Please like the John Logan

Please like the John Logan Jones and the Mike Wallace Facebook pages.

Live Free or Die!

More, More, More! There are

More, More, More! There are more worthy liberty candidates where that came from! Lets show them the liberty movement "Bump" actually can swing elections, like Rand Paul in Kentucky.

But he won't endorse a

But he won't endorse a presidential candidate?

It's Gary Johnson but Dr. Paul can't say it....

publicly. Some of his supporters would be very upset to "settle" for any other candidate that supports individual freedoms other than Ron Paul.

For them, the cause is about one man rather than the idea of liberty.

Gary Johnson has no chance of winning but could send a strong message to the two-party establishment with a higher than past average vote count.

But no, some people that welcomed libertarians like myself who were willing to cross party lines to support Ron Paul, feel they can't unite with us now. And that's fine, 2016, I'll vote Libertarian even if Ron Paul runs again or someone else with his same platform in the Republican Party.

I'll follow the examples of die-hard Paul supporters and split the cause for liberty.

if you don't understand by

if you don't understand by now you never will.

John Jones

I'm from Colorado and know John Jones because he worked for RP2012 in Colorado. He had responsibility for my county (among many others).

He is a recent Afghanistan veteran. I understand he flew above country doing real-time translation for troops on ground and collected the standard intel.

He was one of the duly elected Maine delegates who was not seated. A person on the Colorado credentials committee told me the powers that be, while they were attempting to negotiate with the Maine delegates, specifically said John Jones would not be seated. Maine didn't accept a deal. Of course, John wasn't seated. Clearly the powers that be are scared of a young, veteran who is politically experienced and becoming a liberty seed in Maine.

John is a person we can support. http://www.johnloganjones.com


John ran a mock caucus here in Grand Junction, CO that helped us get as many delegates at the caucus as possible. Tisha Casida also spoke at the event and she is running against Scott Tipton and that democrat guy.

Support John Jones & Tisha Casida

I also worked with John John organizing delegates from Eagle County. We were able to take a majority in Eagle County. He is a very bright young veteran who understands what liberty means. He deserves huge support from the Liberty Movement!

I have a question as to why C4L has not responded to Tisha Casida's candidate survey sent in months ago? Does C4L only back GOP candidates? With the recent rule changes do we even stand a chance of the GOP takeover that is going on nationwide?

She is a true liberty candidate unlike GOP incumbent Scott Tipton who voted for the NDAA! Please support Tisha and run the big government GOP Tipton out of Washington........



I remember your thread and thanks for posting the link.

But, this is not what we are looking for now. These are specific endorsements made by RP. Some are on www.LibertyPAC.com site but none from Maine. I got an email from RP about this PAC asking for support.

On it is a list of recent endorsements that have been made public.

Ron Paul is My President

Ok, not a problem. Always

Ok, not a problem. Always happy to talk liberty with you sunny. :)

please post a link to the press release! Some won't

believe it without that. But I'll spread this, meanwhile!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

As a Mainer

I can tell you that Eric would not post these endorsements if they were not accurate.

He and another founded DOLPAC and he was the RP staff guy here in Maine during the campaign.

I have asked him though if there is another official press release.

Ron Paul is My President

There is a list of recent RP endorsements

on www.LibertyPAC although it is dated October 2.

I called the number and got a recording with another number to call and that was
a recording as well.

Ron Paul is My President

Mike Wallace's campaign manager here...

This is correct. Will be posting Mike's endorsement letter shortly. Also DOLPAC is sending out a press release in the next few minutes. You can see John Logan Jones' letter here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=474526392569911&set=...