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Ron Paul Against Foreign Aid Of Any Kind

Here's why by Ron Paul

I typed in my search engine "Foreign Aid, A travesty ...and lo and behold, there was Ron Paul. Amazing this internet .

The reason I was searching is I ran across a very negative (and distorted) anti Ron Paul article that stated he was against foreign intervention but also against foreign aid of any kind as though that was some sort of contradiction or he didn't care about people. I hope our young voters continue to comment on this article and "Educate Their Longhorn Counterparts"...as well as any other college papers. Here's the negative article.

"The Many Faces of Ron Paul"....harrumph. He's the only candidate who is consistent.

There's a wealth of net information on what happens or does not happen with the trillion dollars we have spent on foreign aid. Some of it lines the pockets of the pharmaceuticals...the Halliburtons...so many others. What happened to the Iraq reconstruction money. Foreign Aid ... federal funds....NEVER gets to the people it is intended for...or maybe it does exactly that.

The point is: Our federal government is broken. Foreign Aid is a travesty.

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Marian's Question

Check this link and also RonPaul2008.com under "Issues" foreign policy



Plea for More Informed Bloggers to Comment


You are so typical of....me. I am doing everything I can to better understand the issues It is nothing less than a cram course. I am not up to speed and sincerely hope others will help out. I can say this:

1. In every question I have had, I dig into the research and agree with Ron Paul.
2. There is a big difference in foreign aid and humanitarian aid. However, our government is too broken to even distinguish the difference or administrate anything.
3. Ron Paul believes in smaller government with communities, churches, humanitarian (true ones) foundations, volunteerism and a host of other agencies being the prime force for humanitarian aid. Foreign aid on the other hand is unconstitutional and, in our current situation, is not used for what a Bill says it is to be used for anyway. It is a sham.
3. To understand Ron Paul I have had to awaken from a deep slumber on some issues. For instance, there was a time when communities always voted for school bonds and supported their schools. That was before a nefarious plan by our government to take over education. They succeeded and the outcome has been disastrous.

Dig deep into almost any issue and prepare to be shocked. I am now researching your question. I hope others will jump in here.


If not the world's policeman, the world's physician?

I snail mailed a letter to Dr. Paul wondering about his stance on this topic and humanitarian aid in particular. This article does stress the travesty of foreign aid but what about humanitarian aid? Any articles on Dr. Paul's stance on humanitarian crisis or natural disasters like Darfur and SE Asia tsunami? A website called Darfur Scorecord gave Ron Paul an F! http://www.darfurscores.org/ron-paul?download=y

Say it ain't so.

Charity is the Responsibility of Citizens not Governments

Here are some articles Ron Paul wrote to explain his position on the tsunami and aid for Africa and Danfur.

Private Help for Tsunami Victims

What Should America do for Africa?

Stay Out of Sudan's Civil War
Excerpt "One thing we do know, however, is that Sudan is floating on a sea of oil. Why does it always seem that when we hear urgent clamor for the United States to intervene, oil or some other valuable commodity just happens to be present? "

On any subject where you think you might disagree with Ron Paul, I would suggest you search the internet for what Ron Paul himself said or wrote and not to rely on what others say about him.

Ron Paul is a man of Principle. Like all federal office holders, he swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constituition. The difference between Ron Paul and the scum in Washington is that he actually lives up to that oath.

To quote the founding fathers who created the U.S. Constituition, "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined." The U.S. Constituition does not grant congress the power to give foreign aide. Therefore, it would be a violation of his oath to vote to give away any foreign aid.

Digging Deep

Thanks for the links! I had read the last 2, but not "Private Help for Tsunami Victims."

Dr. Paul's completely right when he says that "we are mistaken when we assume governments must be the central organizing agents of the relief efforts". I was talking to a friend the other day and concluded that when it comes to aid (foreign and/or humanitarian), the American PEOPLE are generous. We give directly to charities and even physically join organization to help in aid efforts and programs.

I fear many will unjustly label Dr. Paul as against aid (like I did) without digging deeper. Is there a devil's advocate site for naysayers? :)

Btw, I'm an American citizen working in China right now. I often correct people who say "America's to blame" when in fact it's the Bush administration or American policy (gone far astray). The American people, in fact, do not all agree with the current administration and policies. Dr. Paul is an excellent example.

nice find!

I'm going to share this, nice find!

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Carpe Liberatum