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Jerry Doyle says that he voted for Mittens Robamney today. When did he first say he was going to vote for Romney?

Does this have to do with his recent promotion... Feedback wanted.... It is definitely a change from this show he had a few months back...what else has changed?


Jul 10, 2012 - 7 min - Uploaded by UseUrBrainRadio
This is exactly how I feel. I love this video and can't get enough of it/

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He is voting for Romney

No I don't have any link to prove this. I listened to his show yesterday and today for only a few minutes and twice he said he is voting for Romney. Then he had Donald Rumsfeld on as a guest, not to grill him, but to kow tow and help Rumsfeld promote his book and bash Obama. I turned him off and don't expect to be turning him back on.

My view on him is now the same as Rand. When iether of them admits that they were seduced by the lure of money and power and importance, and renounces their vile endorsements and apologize to the people of the Republic for their betrayal, I will again support them.

Removed my post!


The Winds of Change!

I'm confused by this thread.

I'm confused by this thread. The video link is old from July (I watched it before) when he shredded Romney to pieces. You're saying he voted for him today?!? Where is the link confirming this, quick Google news search didn't find anything.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

WOW! Just shows ya, everyone has their price. He sold out!

Thanks for the video, listened to it all.

He hammered Mitt mercilessly, and butchered anyone who suggested Romney was a better choice than Obama.

He literally pulverized the caller, stating he had NO principles for even considering Romney.

Wow, hypocrisy at its best. Just another shrill!

PS Would sure like to beleive this is a false story, and not true!

The Winds of Change!

Sing it with me

Dum dum dum.. another one bites the dust!

If this election is telling us anything it is who are the true patriots and who will be standing together when we need them. Let us not forget those who stood in the name of liberty and those who betrayed it.

My best friend is voting for Romney. I pity him as I believe...

Romney and Obama are traitors and so is anyone who votes for either.

It takes an inordinate amount

It takes an inordinate amount of character and perspective to be a white male and not vote for Romney. Because most of the civil liberties abuses once war starts with Iran will be on minorities and not white people.

Ventura 2012

It doesn't matter who you

It doesn't matter who you vote for, the debt levels will not decrease, manufacturing jobs are not coming back, and small business will continue to be kicked to the curb.

But I do NOT believe they are the same on foreign policy. I believe Mitt was playing coy in the debate the other day. Mitt has almost all the Neo-cons from Bush administration hoping he wins. John Bolton for God's sake... remember him?!?!

Israel does not like Obama, that says something!

As far as domestic issues and Socialism... THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!!!

Obama is the ONLY CHOICE IF WE WANT A DOG IN THE RACE IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I dropped

Doyle when I became convinced that he lacked a pair. But I do recognize that he has the right to vote however he wishes, but the cost of his vote is a loss of my business (I was paying for his program).

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

To be fair he HAD a pair...

...after all, I cannot think of another nationally syndicated radio host that endorsed, and might I say stayed the course with, Ron Paul.

Jerry's a great ally of liberty. If you start casting off anyone who you may have a slight difference of opinion with, you'll find yourself alone.

btw Jerry broadcasts online for free now.

He endorses Romney

And in fact is voting for him. Not only does that constitute more than a "slight difference of opinion" it exposes his as completely and thoroughly sold. Great ally of liberty? I guess so, until being an ally of tyranny, murder and destruction of the Republic became more profitable.

Sorry, this is game over. You

Sorry, this is game over. You are with us or against us. True colors be shown and there is no turpentine to clean it.

"You are with us or against us"

careful, you sound like Bush

I almost can't blame anyone

I almost can't blame anyone for voting for him. It's awful sitting here with nobody to vote for. I am in Oklahoma and Gary Johnson won't be on the ballot here. I have a hard time railing against voting for Romney. My biggest problem with Romney is his foreign policy and wanton destruction of our individual liberties. I cannot in good conscience vote for him. He's NOT BETTER THAN OBAMA, except maybe in some tax issues. Whoopie.

Vote for Obama to give Rand a

Vote for Obama to give Rand a shot in 2012

Ventura 2012

Why no federal suit against Oklahoma? Judicial precedent....

have gone against states with overly restrictive ballot access laws. While I support Gary Johnson, if I were you, I would write in Ron Paul and get as many of your fellow Oklahomans as possible to do the same ON A PAPER BALLOT and a document it. Then, find yourself a good Constitutional lawyer and SUE the state of Oklahoma to force the state to count the ballots. I just wish more people had listened to me at the DP regarding ballot access reform, which I have been advocating since 2008.

As much as I hate hurting the citizens of Oklahoma, I would welcome a national boycott of Oklahoma over your ballot access laws, as you do the rest of the nation a disservice.

He's actually no better on tax issues

Rommney promised no cuts to medicare, social security, and the military (which he promised to increase spending on). Between those 3 and interest on the national debt, that's 80% of our budget. In other words, Romney is another big-government huge deficit spender. In order to pay for that, it'll require a lot more money printing. And as we all know, money printing is a hidden tax. That hidden tax will more than undo any benefits received from his corporate tax cuts. In other words, Romney is for huge TAX INCREASES. Either of Obamney will to high or hyper-inflation. To steal a line from Peter Schiff, are we really better off going off the cliff at 99MPH instead of 100MPH?

He's actually worse on taxes.

He's actually worse on taxes. Uh excuse me the middle class is dying and he wants to raise taxes on them in the guise of tax cuts when they will be losing much more in deductions.