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Open Thread: Free & Equal Third Party Debate

Vote for who you think won at FreeAndEqual.org.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in.

http://youtu.be/5EcaX12h46k (Thanks Maeve for the link)

Video & Book:

  • Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny - Including a letter of support by Ron Paul

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    It Was More Learning the Platforms of the Candidates...

    ...then an actual debate, but very informative, nonetheless. Each candidate made very valid points concerning Constitutional government, thougn I did hear the word "democracy" used quite frequently. America is a "republic" where the rule of law reigns and not mob rule by the majority. Every candidate I heard was better than Romney/Obama. If climate change is such a threat, why didn't anyone mention the chemtrails that are purposely being sprayed in our skies (geoengineering), polluting them with aluminum and barium? The "war on drugs" is more the illegal drug trade that the top levels of our government are involved in to finance covert regime changes throughout the world by the CIA than the comparatively small transactions on the street (though I am for getting non-violent offenders out of jail)...no mention of that. Global warming, marijuana and gay "marriage" are not top-priority issues with me, but the rights of the unborn are. Virgil Goode is the only proven prolife candidate left in the race, so my unwasted vote in voting my conscience goes to Goode. I rated Gary Johnson second. Of course, Dr. Paul was the whole package...if Louisiana was a write-in state, it would be Dr. Paul for me. I'm just excited that more voices were brought to the table...now that's America! :)

    great debate. but in my

    great debate.

    but in my opinion ms. tobin needs to stay well away from tv until she can get her mannerisms under control.

    thank you for teh debate video link


    I'd take any

    of these people over Obamney. Personal order of preference: Johnson, Anderson, Stein, Goode.

    When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

    Can't recall ever enjoying a presidential debate but

    tonight's debate was better than a movie. I loved it. The setting was par excellence, the hall, the stage, and of course the magnificent Larry King, who kept everyone in line to the T. Christina Tobin blew me away with an honesty that pervades every word she utters.
    I voted my choices for the next debate and look forward to Oct 30 Washington DC debate. I only wish mainstream media would pick up on this to illuminate these candidates and do their part to save America.
    One commenter on the site suggested cardboard cutouts of Romney and Obama to stand alongside the candidates - could be good for a constant reminder of what we may end up with, and will certainly make every argument from our alternative candidates even tastier.
    Three cheers for Christina Tobin and her website Freeandequal. Thank you very much - tonight was inspirational.

    It was a ...

    good debate in spite of a slightly shaky start. I think that Larry King is past his prime, though. A bit too loosey goosey and he made a mistake right at the end with one candidate's name. Of course this is hardly a calamity.

    I don't think anyone mentioned the Fed, though! How can anyone make such an omission when talking about balanced budgets, decreasing the size of the military and virtually everything that's troubling Amerika? Seemed odd to me. What do y'all say.

    Believe it or not,

    I think Jill Stein mentioned it. Granted, she probably just thinks it's a problem because it's "private," or some similar nonsense, but I do think I heard it from her.

    I was rather surprised...I think I agreed with Jill Stein more than Virgil Goode. Johnson was my favorite, but I thought it would be the other way around for numbers 2 and 3. I expected Mr. Anderson to come in last for me, and he certainly followed through.

    It was a great debate, and I was grateful that someone with such recognition as Larry King moderated it.

    Larry has seen better days.

    Larry King certainly isn't the swaggering stalwart of late night talk radio that he once was (and I never have been a Larry King fan.) But he did a fair job ... maybe even a decent job. I imagine he is still getting accustomed to the "real world" outside of his CNN bubble. He did seem a bit sick or not quite up to par tonight, though. His speech was a bit slurred, in my opinion.

    I think you are mistaken about him getting a candidate's name wrong, though. He addressed Virgil Hamlin Goode at the end of the debate, referring to the man by his full name. Perhaps it was Larry King attempting to be cordial to the Southern Gentleman, I don't know.

    Gary Johnson definitely

    Gary Johnson definitely mentioned the Fed at one point, but I think it should have been touched upon a lot more by all the candidates.

    Jill and Rocky are dependant on

    the fed, they need it to pay for their special programs like free edu and universal healthcare. So I don't see an opposition of the frb on their end. As for Goode, I didn't hear him mention it at all, surprising since he claims to be a constitutionalist. I was disappointed that he stated he will not end the war on drugs because of "federal law." Where in the constitution does the Fed govt have the authority to prohibit any substance w/o a constitutional amendment? Many constitutionalist would agree drugs are a states' rights issue, not federal.

    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

    He did say in the debate (if

    He did say in the debate (if I did not miss-hear) that it was a state issue, though he did not (at least personally) agree with legalizing drugs.

    "The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
    -Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN


    Here's the C-Span link: http://www.c-span.org/Events/Third-Party-Presidential-Debate...

    For liberty.

    There is no higher end than the total liberation of the human being: mind, body and spirit.

    Any one of them is a better choice than Obamney.

    Great debate with very strong performances from all candidates. I have a hard time actually realizing I just witnessed such a debate take place.

    Gary Johnson getting animated at one point was so brilliantly delivered. LMAO! In my opinion (as a Canadian) Gary did very well and seemed to echo many of the other candidates' views but just delivered them with more conviction. Jill Stein was great too but she was very intense at times. You can tell this is one woman who has had enough! Maybe a green tea before a debate can calm her a bit but I certainly appreciate her passion.

    Thanks to Larry King for lending his spotlight to this noble cause, as he said. More people of his status should be speaking out and I'm sure they will.

    A Victorious day for Liberty! Congratulations, You The People!!

    "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

    i didnt like goode

    he seemed too cold and black and white on the issues.didnt really present his ideas all that well either.jill stein and rocky anderson sounded good until they started thier global warming baloney and student loan giveaway programs.gary johnson was good, but i too am getting sick of hearing the same rehearsed word for word speech from him.i agree with most of what he is saying but he needs to use a more freestyle approach in his delivery.repeating the same word for word speech could kinda make some people think hes not all that sincere. but johnson won the debate in my opinion.i also agree that anyone of these candidates are way better than the top 2 corporate clowns.

    Virgil Goode 2012

    I think Virgil is just what we need- a true "grass roots" fellow.

    "The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
    -Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN

    "black and white on the issues"

    humm, someone who up front and honest, sounds kinda like Ron Paul.

    You are right he's not PC enough to get elected but I like the Constitution Party, wish they had Chuck Baldwin again

    My proposed amendment...

    General Concept:
    Every Promise / Budget proposed by the President (Executive) MUST be paid in full prior to end of his or her term. AND...if not paid for, the successor (or re-elected President) can NOT submit a new budget until the prior budget is paid in full.

    Once passed through appropriations and authorizations, the President can either veto it or sign it. Once signed, it is the Presidents responsibility to enforce the spending and ensure its paid in full before the end of his or her term.


    Understanding that this is a yearly process...budgets have to be paid in full yearly also...unless passed through the House and Senate for an emergency extension (ie...due to a declaration of war). However, a freeze on spending will be incurred until paid in full.

    Paid in full means TAX everyone NOW. You cant borrow it or print it. Making the American people feel the financial pain of these bailouts and endless wars would go along way in changing their votes to Liberty candidates.


    TARP bailout: $787B / 314 million citizens = $2506 per citizen
    - a family of four must pay $10,024 now

    Now...how fast do you think people would stop voting for who promises them the most (free education / free healthcare / bomb Iran etc..)

    I am glad we have forums

    I am glad we have forums where third party candidates can debate ideas, but these candidates are really inferior to times past when we had the likes of Howard Phillips and Harry Browne running.

    None of these four came across as presidential material and watching this reaffirmed my decision to write in Dr. Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

    None of these four came across as presidential

    but all of them are still better choices than Obama or Romney.

    It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

    Anybody who follows

    the Constituition is Presidential.

    Respectable decision... but

    Respectable decision... but keep in mind, some of us can't do write ins in our state. I'm voting for Garry.

    Not to be rude

    Just make sure you spell his name right, or it wont be counted. *Gary

    Garry's on the ballot so it

    Garry's on the ballot so it doesn't really matter, I won't be spelling it anyway...

    Gary* XD

    Debate value

    If we had had a real debate with the top 5-6 presidential candidates, the real issues would not have been pigonholed, but talked about.

    As it is, there has been no discussion of assassination lists, secret trials, tsa, drone attacks, the currency collapse, or any of the other issues that will destroy this country if not dealt with in any of the other "mainstream" debates.

    No talk at all. Big bird was popular.

    They were staged. And the third party debates was shuffled to cpsan - and on my local cable tv listings, didn't even show up by name. Shuffled to the side and marginalized just like Ron Paul was.

    And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

    Just returned from the

    Just returned from the debate. What a neat time. Took my 15-yaer-old daughter. Met all the candidates and Larry King. I wish more people would realize we have other, better choices.

    If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

    C-Span link to Oct-23 debate

    Great example of a fair and equal presentation.

    Watch fair and equal Presidential debate Oct-23


    720 or 1080 on youtube?

    any full youtubes yet? i would like to post this to my facebook wall so that friends can watch.

    Any one of these four...

    ... are a better choice than either of the two bozos running at the top of the ticket of the two major parties.

    With that said, my ranking of them after watching this is:

    1. Gary Johnson
    2. Virgil Goode (disagree with his stance on the WoDs).
    3. Jill Stein
    4. Rocky Anderson

    For the last two, it was about a toss-up. I agreed with them on some things, disagreed with most (we really must curb the spending of the federal government).

    Donated to free and equal. :D

    Donated to free and equal. :D