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It takes one to know one- Mike Adams calls Lance Armstrong a "psychopathic liar"

I never thought I would post anything written by Mike Adams, who I have been trying to expose to the DailyPaul as a pseudoscience fraud and alarmist snake-oil salesman, but his latest rant is so hilariously hypocritical that I couldn't resist.


It seems that Mike Adams, in his angry rant against Lance Armstrong, has inadvertently written his own biography. There is a "mountain of convincing evidence" demonstrating many of the claims on NaturalNews as fraudulent (here's a sample)


and another


but this is not the concentration of this post. My question is- why does Mike Adam's care so much about this Lance Armstrong incident? Why he so concerned with "doping?" Does it conflict with his completely FICTITIOUS 'natural is best' fantasy? Does he hate in Lance Armstrong what he sees in himself? (Hey this kind of speculation is fun, I see why people like it!) Is he mad that Lance Armstrong cured his cancer with chemotherapy? Why would he give a crap about any of this?

Personally I think the obsession with preventing the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports is group insanity. Sports officials and natural-living nuts are acting like crazed witch hunters trying to make a demon out of every athlete in their pointless exercise to arbitrarily 'clean' up sports. They are even retroactively changing the record books, which to me is laughably ridiculous. This crazed mindset has nothing to do with sport and everything to do with political correctness and superstition. Anti-doping laws don't make sports more fair! After all, some people are born with superior genes to other people. That's not fair. Some people also work harder than other people. That's not fair. Some people have access to better diets and better physical training resources. That's not fair either.

Doing everything you can to win while staying in the established rules to find out who is the best is the whole point of sports. There is no sport in the world that has anti-drug policy as part of the rules. These anti-drug policies were made up by governing bodies who took control over these sports. Using performance enhancing drugs is not cheating and it is not wrong. Should we retroactively retract Nobel Prizes because the recipient used drugs during the discovery? Should we strip the medals of soldiers because they used a stimulant in battle? Should we throw out the highest score on an exam in medical school because the student drank caffeine while studying?

Why should Lance Armstrong be demonized?

But I digressed. The point is that Mike Adam's latest rant against lying and 'doping' is a perfect reflection of his own hypocrisy. It seems he gets very offended when 'artificial' drugs are used to become a world champion against the 'natural' athletes. It seems he despises people who practice medicine differently from his pseudoscience regiment. And it seems he is not too fond of other people lying for publicity and wealth.

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I like Mike Adams

He exposes lots of important facts about things like where the fluoride they dump into the public water supply comes from, the danger of vaccinations, GMO's and so much more. He's not perfect, but who is? If you like exposing charlatans, why not go after crooked institutions like Monsanto or the FDA or the USDA or the AMA? I couldn't care less about Lance Armstrong, he's just another irrelevant athlete who got caught taking steroids.

Because people are confusing his pseudoscience claims as facts

I kept my mouth shut until the 100th or so person in his cult linked me directly to one of his articles in the same type of circular argument Bible-thumpers use to justify the Bible by quoting the Bible.

No one else, except for a few comments here and there, is calling him out for his disinformation.

Exactly, you are right on.

The abuses and corruption of the FDA, USDA, AMA, and Monsanto are much more important to spend one's time on, as these are hurting people constantly.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

This guy always gets a pass. He is never vetted for his disinformation. Why shouldn't he be exposed? Disingormation and alarmism doesn't help the movement. It harms it.

I agree

The "Health Ranger" sprung out of nowhere and is probably some type of limited hangout.

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