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World without laws

What would the world look like without laws? We would be free. The only laws that should exist are laws for ourselves and things we own. No one can tell someone else what they can do. Peace.

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A wise man said that in a

A wise man said that in a world without laws things would be the same among good men.

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One law is the bare minimum.

One law is the bare minimum. And we've known which law for a good while now.

As both my reason and faith tell me, man without evil could have been living in peace, happiness with just one law :

the Golden Rule.

But because the ruler of this world is the Evil (still) - and the Devil is in the details - more had to be added, by the manipulations of the same Evil, to get us to today's man's laws.

That is not to say that any law (after the Golden Rule) that man can make is inherently or essentially Evil, but instead this is to say that since such law is fundamentally redundant and based on languages which can be compromised (beyond a Golden Rule that can be understood in all men's hearts alone, silently, and whether they accept it or not) ... then such law can always be perverted.

But the letter and spirit of our God-given Golden Rule always remain the definitive filter to alert man's heart when the perversion of man's laws happens.

Hence texts such as the Constitution or Bastiat's "The Law Perverted" to help people remember, on record, upon which corner stone man's laws should be made (in their paying homage to the Golden Rule).


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Ever walked in a prison yard?

If we were all perfect, unselfish human beings, a world without laws would be great. However, what happens to a 5 foot, 80 pound asthmatic in a prison yard in which everyone else is 5 feet 10 inches or above and has been working out for the last 6 months? Hell, we cannot all agree at this website on much of anything. Look how many people here pretend they speak for everyone else on issues such as 911 truth, "Ron Paul or none at all," Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode, etc.

I have no problem with rules PROVIDED everyone agrees to them and everyone abides by them.

My life philosophy is to never start a fight but to always finish one; yet, all my life, I have experienced people who tell me that is wrong. Not by my set of values and I have been living by them for 60+ years.

when he has a gun, nothing

when he has a gun, nothing happens to him.

and besides, what puts him in the prison yard in the first place?

what keeps him from protecting his life and personal property?

why should protecting him allow for government to regulate my life? This is collectivist.