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Third Party Presidential Debate Winner: Scorecard Gary Johnson A-, Jill Stein B-

Dave Stacy
2012 Elections
2 hours ago

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Third Party Presidential Debate Winner Scorecard Gary Johnson A Jill Stein B

First off, the BIG NEWS! If you liked what you saw, Free and Equal Debate Foundation announced that a second third party debate will take place in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday. The top two voted on candidates from this debate will square off at the nation’s capital on international policy issues.

Now that the big news has been spilled, time to talk debate winners. Each candidate did a decent job overall, but it became clear when talking about college education who was left- leaning and was more right-leaning. Amid a very audible applause, both Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party advocated for 100% free public university education or vocational training. The problem is that neither candidate said how they would pay for it, or if it would just be a 100% government takeover of the post-secondary education system. On the same issue, Virgil Goode received some boo’s for saying that we simply could not afford it, and that it was not the job of the federal government to do so anyways. Johnson, who also shared that position, did not receive the same reaction.

Here is my report card for each of the candidates who participated in the debates tonight:

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What happened to

Rosanne Barr? She would've brought attention along with Larry King...sounds like they were elites too, lol


You had to theoretically have

You had to theoretically have a chance of winning. These 4 candidates were the only ones who were on the ballot on enough states to win.

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your all uneducated...

This was the only VALID debate since they suffocated Ron Paul into oblivion!

Ron Paul 2012!

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