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My final decision: Gary Johnson for President of the United States

After weeks of arguing with myself on whether to write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson, I came to a decision I can live with.

Since I wanted my vote to count (in WA State), and since I wanted to send a message to the 2-party strangle-hold on the American political process, I concluded a vote for the Libertarians was the best option.

But in one last attempt to vote for Dr. Paul, I spoke with Washington State's Secretary of State office to see how they handle write-ins.

Even if a candidate registers here (which Dr. Paul didn't do), they will not even look at write-in names unless they feel they might affect the outcome of the election.

And even if they DO count them, they won't publish the actual names unless a write-in candidate were to miraculously win.

As much as I wanted to write in Dr. Paul, I felt it was more important to support a viable candidate, who was on the ballot in the most states, and who I liked well enough to vote for.

We all know Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul (but then who IS other than Dr. Paul himself?!).

But Johnson has said on more than than one occasion that his hero is Ron Paul (he said it again in the 3rd party dabates).

There is no doubt that the Libertarian Party would have welcomed Dr. Paul with open arms as their candidate.

Top that off with Ron having stated recently that Gary Johnson is a "wonderful candidate who everyone should take a look at."

So in the end, I felt the very best use of my vote (even after years of supporting the Ron Paul campaign with my money, time and effort), was to choose Gary Johnson.

Ever since seeing all the cheating done by the republicans this entire campaign season, I have promised that "I'll Remember In November" and remember I did.


Gary Johnson 2012!!!

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Ohio? big

Ohio? big maybe.

Nationally......no way in hell.

Never going to happen.

Hear, hear!

The right thing to do!

I guess I intend to proudly "waste" my vote as well

And I went so far as to do what I could to bring the guy I intend to waste my vote on to NE Ohio for a campaign rally November 2nd to try to get more people to "waste" their vote. heh-heh heh

Governor Gary Johnson All Ohio Campaign Rally
Fri November 2nd at 7:30 PM
Stringz & Wingz Z-PLEX
1543 State Route 303
Streetsboro, OH.
STARTS at 7:30

MEET AND GREET EVENT (Donation and RSVP required)
STARTS at 6:00 PM for all who wish to meet Governor Johnson

PLEASE click this link to LIKE and BUMP the listing on the Daily Paul

At the Z-PLEX inside Stringz & Wingz 1543 SR 303 Streetsboro OH
Are you tired of the bi-polar politics?
Are you tired of hearing the same tired old talking points being made over and over?
Then come out and hear a two-term Governor who has some fresh ideas!
Come join us in hosting the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States Gary Johnson!
He plans to speak about his current campaign, and much much more!
This event will take place at the Z-PLEX inside Stringz & Wingz
Line up: TB announced - More to come
This event is not to be missed. Best part? IT IS FREE!
Stringz & Wingz is located in the very corner of the Streetsboro Plaza just to the right of the Save-A-Lot store.
PLEASE PLAN TO GET THERE EARLY - Strinz & Wingz has a great menu and open bar


Another Washingtonian here...

...who cast his ballot yesterday for Johnson!

Wrote in Ron Paul for President today in Texas!

And it feels so goooooooooood!

At least you made a decision after due consideration. I thought along the same lines but decided to vote for the best qualified person and not be concerned whether or not other people want to count my vote.

A vote cast does count. At least to me. I have no regrets.

Congratulations on your vote....

After the election and all the media talks about is the surprisingly strong showing of Gary Johnson and how this country has sent a message to the two-party system, just know you didn't help to make that happen.

You recommend that I be a coward and vote for who you .........

.....think I should? Please kiss your own tea bag. Why would I want to vote for the lesser of three evils? I voted for the only qualified candidate.

If many of you GJ supporters were real Libertarians you would not be attempting to tell everyone else how to vote.

If the Libertarian Party can get enough votes then....

we will be on the ballot in all states in 2016 and included in the presidential debates.

We can find another candidate with Ron Paul ideals and won't have to fight the Republican establishment to elect him as a nominee.

I'm not tied to one man to fight for liberty. I crossed my party lines to support Ron Paul. Now, you want to turn your back on those who supported your man for the cause of liberty.

Should libertarians stick to their party and not support the next C4L candidate?

the MSM wont mention it

They will never spend one breath on it.

GJ will get buried. He MAY get 4.9% as a consolation prize.

Your "protest" vote will not even be noticed outside the liberty area.

Im writing in Paul because Im not delusional to think that it will make a difference. But I do know that it will be enough blowback to get rmoney pissed off.

If all the write-ins for RP vote GJ....

he would get over 5% and that would send a message and qualify the Libertarian candidate to be on all 50 states in 2016.

Maybe we find another candidate with "Ron Paul ideals" to run as a Libertarian and he not have to worry about a Republican party primary to get on all state ballots.

A vote to keep liberty alive for all is better than a vote that makes you feel good. Do as you wish but don't expect Libertarians to support another liberty-minded Republican if you won't support us if he isn't chosen as the nominee.

GJ is too fake for me. Im

GJ is too fake for me.

Im writing in Paul in our possible last election.....even though its rigged.

The cause for liberty can't be won firing bullets in the air...

You have to hit the most strategic targets that will advance your cause.

A higher than average percentage for a Libertarian candidate would send a message to the establishment that they are bleeding support.

It would ensure that a Libertarian candidate would be on the ballot in every state in 2016. It would ensure they would be included in the debates.

We could then find a candidate with Ron Paul ideals and nominate him to be the the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.

That would be the smartest way to promote liberty with Ron Paul ideals.

A vote for Gary Johnson is a step toward getting a "Ron Paul" elected in 2016. GJ won't win but not voting for him is taking a step back. You will only make it harder for a "Ron Paul" next election.

I threw my vote away

Yesterday I voted for Gary Johnson. It felt good to throw my vote away. I hope Romney loses by the exact number of votes that Johnson received in crucial swing states. Remember Ross Perot? He had a positive effect on the Republican Party even though he didn't win, didn't he? Even if it was a short lived effect, the Republicans adopted his platform and the budget was balanced. Voting for Gary Johnson WILL send a message to the old Republican Party, especially if it would have made a difference when Romney loses.

Sorry you lost your

vote. Take mine, itsnot worth a crap anyway. Lol

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Thank you pawnstorm12, you

Thank you pawnstorm12, you have stated my position as well!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Well I have a problem.

I believe that the only message sent by a vote is a message to the winner of all votes cast for the Office of President.

The only sure message sent by a vote is a message I send to myself.

Why should I vote for a President of a bankrupt nation? A bankruptcy that became apparent in September 2008 when government bailed out their cronies by putting the people into deep debt at interest while debasing the our currency.

A bankrupt nation is wholly dependent on the creditors benevolence which will end the moment said President failed to obey the simplest request.

Every incumbent in Congress has failed to uphold and defend the Constitution by promulgating laws that pretended to abolish the unalienable rights of the people.

One thing I won't do if vote for someone who swore an oath to the Pirate's Code and broke that oath.

As for President. Which one will be more convincing about the orders they've taken and compassionate when the dam breaks and we are buried in our own debts.

How will the Congress and President interpret the 14th Amendment when the repo man calls.

Section 4. "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned."

So what is the national debt priced in gold?

In 1835, each 400 citizens owned one Silver Dollar of federal debt.

The federal government has burdened each today with 22.7 ounce gold debt.

Does my voting consent to my debt to the government?

When the national debt is at 1835 levels per voter, I could consent to that. I'd be willing to go for a full copper penny per person.

Free includes debt-free!

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I went through the same inner turmoil, pawnstorm12,...

and I reached the same conclusion, the only conclusion that made sense to me. I voted two days ago, all libertarian. Yup, I did the same thing that you did.

Know how you feel with the inner turmoil.......

I'm libertarian registered as unaffiliated. In the party primaries, I had no inner turmoil whether to cross party lines to support Ron Paul.

Our state allows unaffiliated registered voters to pick their party to vote in. I didn't even think twice about picking Republican over Libertarian so I could choose Ron Paul.

After he was cheated out of the process at the RNC, my inner turmoil began. I want to write the man's name for president. He is the only honest man in politics and I agree with him 95%, more than I do GJ.

But I want to send a message to the two-party system and a vote for GJ will send that message.

A vote for GJ is a vote for revolution, a write-in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for your own appeasement. Gotta love Liberty.

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You said it! Self appeasement versus a vote for the revolution.

Short-term gratification versus a more fulfilling, longer-term strategy. Agree with you, Tea Bag.

more Gary Johnson spam

I am getting really tired of seeing these shameful posts on the front page of the dailyPAUL. Enough already!
Gary Johnson supports AMNESTY for illegal immigrants, is wrong on the Federal Reserve, supports AMNESTY for illegal immigrants, does not understand monetary policy, supports AMNESTY for illegal immigrants, does not understand foreign policy, and supports AMNESTY for illegal immigrants! Heck, why settle for Gary? If we've truly lost our way this much then let's just go ahead and vote for Romney or Obama. That way at least we're not pretending our guy is anything like Ron Paul.

Ask yourself this....

Who is most likely to appoint Ron Paul to a position of power, say Secretary of the Treasury or Secretary of the State if elected.

I'll tell you this, as a libertarian who crossed party lines to support Ron Paul, you will not get my support in the future unless Gary Johnson gets at least a higher than average percentage of past elections.

I was willing to help you, now you want to turn your back. Gotta love liberty and all the those who think only one man whose name is not on the ballot can get it for us.

Gary Johnson is NOT for government welfare for illegals.

Go ahead, write-in Ron Paul or Adolph Hitler, it'll have the same effect.

does gj support amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Just checking.....

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If Ron Paul was saying to write him in, then I would.

I wish that there was a pure right way to go, but there is not. Ron Paul has left it up to us to choose the best way. Whatever way makes the most sense to you is fine.

Right.. He left it up to us but you need him to TELL you

to write him in..

Makes perfect sense in the Gary Johnson world.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

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I hear your enthusiasm. I feel your idealism...

and your wrath as well.

Ron Paul is a lame duck. He has two months left to be a Congressman for the State of Texas. If he wanted us to vote for him, he would have changed party and become a libertarian when that window of opportunity was open earlier this year. He opted not to do that. He is going to finish out his term in office and then become a private citizen. Like you, writing in Ron Paul does appeal to my idealism, but my pragmatism and realism have won out over my idealism for Ron Paul.

I believe that Ron Paul will either vote for himself as a write-in, like you did, or he will vote for Gary Johnson. At least I have increased my odds of being 50% correct.

Third option.. He might abstain.

So you're down to 33%.

And your so called pragmatism/realism is a cop-out for not doing the right thing..

So many people were screaming Ron Paul or none at all.. Now look at ya. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for a Johnson.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Please be careful everyone

Governor Gary Johnson I would not close Gitmo.wmv

Leave Drone Attacks on the table

Invade Uganda but not Libya


I will be writing in Ron Paul.

I don't agree 100% with RP

I don't agree 100% with RP and also I don't agree 100% with GJ but guess what? GJ in on the ballot.

You have the right to choose of course my liberty friend. :)

As much as I dislike your conclusion, Pawn....

I have to agree with it. In my state also, the write-ins won't be counted unless it's a landslide...and my only choices are the 3 in on our ballot. So....once again, I'll have to hold my nose and vote for the least of the evils.
I am pleased that I was able to, once in my life, actually vote FOR someone rather than against "the other guy"...by writing in Ron Paul last time. I agree with you that a message needs to be sent...unfortunately, our votes will be "counted" in Spain by a company owned by George Soros....not that the Electoral College would give a sh*t what the people want anyway...
So here it is, ladies and gentlemen...I will actually 'say' it..

Gary Johnson, 2012!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

I am in Cali and wrote in Ron Paul

Everyone vote the way you want to vote. I love everyone doing what they can in an attempt to sway folks to vote for others. The flip flops and party voters will bounce from this guy to that guy like clockwork.

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