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My final decision: Gary Johnson for President of the United States

After weeks of arguing with myself on whether to write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson, I came to a decision I can live with.

Since I wanted my vote to count (in WA State), and since I wanted to send a message to the 2-party strangle-hold on the American political process, I concluded a vote for the Libertarians was the best option.

But in one last attempt to vote for Dr. Paul, I spoke with Washington State's Secretary of State office to see how they handle write-ins.

Even if a candidate registers here (which Dr. Paul didn't do), they will not even look at write-in names unless they feel they might affect the outcome of the election.

And even if they DO count them, they won't publish the actual names unless a write-in candidate were to miraculously win.

As much as I wanted to write in Dr. Paul, I felt it was more important to support a viable candidate, who was on the ballot in the most states, and who I liked well enough to vote for.

We all know Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul (but then who IS other than Dr. Paul himself?!).

But Johnson has said on more than than one occasion that his hero is Ron Paul (he said it again in the 3rd party dabates).

There is no doubt that the Libertarian Party would have welcomed Dr. Paul with open arms as their candidate.

Top that off with Ron having stated recently that Gary Johnson is a "wonderful candidate who everyone should take a look at."

So in the end, I felt the very best use of my vote (even after years of supporting the Ron Paul campaign with my money, time and effort), was to choose Gary Johnson.

Ever since seeing all the cheating done by the republicans this entire campaign season, I have promised that "I'll Remember In November" and remember I did.


Gary Johnson 2012!!!

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There is no harm in voluntary

There is no harm in voluntary organization... writing in Gary is a traceable, countable vote, writing in Ron Paul is unfortunately not, fact of life.

Of course people are going to try to persuade people to vote for "this" or "that"... thats politics

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

actually, Ron Paul's votes will even be counted in California


Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

so what? most Ron Paul

so what? most Ron Paul supporters are NOT voting for him... the majority will vote for Johnson. 5% changes the entire playing field .... you people are really being stubborn when it comes to false accusations about GJ. We all would rather have Ron Paul, but HE GOT SCREWED, CHEATED, LIED TO, AND SPIT ON. He also woke up millions of people and lit the fires of a revolution...Most people are in a state of confusion and cannot wrap their head around the seriousness of his message and the dire consequences our current path is going towards.

Im not telling anyone to vote for Johnson, Write in Dr. Paul, Mickey Mouse, or dont vote, I could care less... I'm just saying it will not have any kind of "impact" to write in Ron Paul. Voting Johnson will have more of an impact and send more of message.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

just like they were in Maine?

just like they were in Maine?

Just like a vote for Johnson will be.


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President of What?

I cleared that up for you RPvGoldman...

I assumed everyone knew I meant Gary Johnson for president of the UNITED STATES but apparently I was wrong.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

In Washington state a write in WILL be counted if it makes a dif

difference in the outcome of the race.

I'm in CA and wrote in Ron Paul https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A5u6HmQCAAAv6Kj.jpg

When I did that I didn't know if it would be counted for Ron or just counted in the 'other' or 'none of the above' category, which is the next most accurate to having it counted for Ron, to me. However, now we know CA will count write in votes for Ron Paul!


Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

My heart is to write in Vermin Supreme

but I'll be flipping a switch for GJ.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

My decision...

the debate strengthened my vote for Virgil Goode.I thought he was going to do horrible based on other debates he had attended.We can't be the policeman of the world,no humanitarian wars,balance the budget now, replace the income tax with nothing,get rid of super PACS in elections, and term limits!

Question:Why is the drug war so important?In't the budget much more important,we are heading tords a fiscal cliff that effects everyone!

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

The Drug War's Importance

The Drug War is so important because it is a war against Americans' freedoms. It is the Government saying "we know better than you, so here are things you can do, and here are things you can't" even when it does not encroach on anyone else's liberties. I mean - jail-time for growing a plant in your yard?

To go along with this horrific breach of liberty, it also drains a huge amount of Government money in a variety of different ways. For example, over half the people in Federal prisons are in for non-violent drug crimes. This is ludicrous.

This doesn't even take into account the time wasted by officers on non-violent drug crimes (that could be put to good use), or all the deaths/violence caused by the illegal drug trade. The list goes on and on.

I was impressed with all of them on the stage.

I thought his idea was good one regarding immigration and I thought Gary Johnson's idea about immigration was equally as valid. I left that debate with the HAPPY feeling that this was a REAL issue that families could discuss after the debate and not come to blows. Unlike the hate fest "I'm-trying-to-get-the-teacher's-union-for-the-federal-reserve" VS "I'm-trying-to-get-Israel-for-the-the-federal-reserve" debate between Obama and Romney.

You're still at this?

Seriously? Unconstitutionalist Goode? Pro drug war, voted for the NDAA Virgil Goode?

SuperPACs aren't even the problem either... plus the guy is a protectionist that wants to cut off all immigration.

I'm surprised Goode has enough money to pay someone like you to keep mentioning him in every front page thread, over and over. -- OK I know you aren't paid, but it is still hilarious how you just spam him over and over everywhere on this site.

I will believe he has changed...

until he gives me reasons to believe no to we live in the now not the past.I could care less about the drug war there are more important issues this election.I am not being payed to do this.I will vote libertarian for several offices,and for president next election if a better canidate is nominated.Goode is virtualy unknown even on this site,so I defend him when almost no one will.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

I am happy for you.

I sincerely hope that each true lover of liberty finds a sense of satisfaction in their decision on how to vote (or not to vote) for president.

And I hope that regardless of the election results that they will continue to fight for the restoration of constitutional government in America.

I further hope that most of you will decide to join me in trying to restore (rejuvenate, re-direct, etc.) the Republican Party.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Was undecided between RP Write In or GJ

I'm going Johnson and have joined the Libertarian Party. They have lots of room to grow and it is not hard to figure out whether the party is self interest or for Rule of Law.

Ron Paul will always be a mentor and roll model, but Johnson is still in the running. Ron Paul brought a great deal of publicity to Libertarians and we would get a great deal of value out of Ron Paul supporters joining the Libertarian Party.

I haven't yet decided, but

I haven't yet decided, but one month ago I was 99% about writing in Dr. Paul . Now I'm about 50/50 and am considering voting for Johnson to boost the 3rd party numbers. I think we have a real shot at breaking this stranglehold of the statist party in the next four years, and a good showing from Gary might get some people out of their principle-less allegiances.

Thank you

Judge Jim Gray:
“If we just get 5%... it will be the beginning of the end of the two party system.”

If the Libertarians can get over five percent of the popular vote, they will be entitled to matching federal funds (about $90 million) from the Federal Government, passing the threshold under the Federal Election Campaign Act.

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This letter could have been

This letter could have been written by me! I agree 100%. I'm in Idaho and a write in for Dr. Paul would simply be disregarded. All it would accomplish is to make me feel good and be able to claim I voted for Ron Paul, when in reality I did not. I will never again vote for a 'lesser of two evils' candidate, and while I agree that Gary Johnson isn't Ron Paul, I also believe he's a very good candidate; not a 'lesser evil'. I can vote for Johnson with a clear conscience and he IS on the ballot. It will be a long time before anyone comes along that can truly fill Dr. Paul's shoes, but in the meantime we shouldn't ignore very good liberty minded candidates who are on the right side! I thought Gary Johnson was fantastic and passionate in last night's REAL presidential debate; I just wish it had been televised on the major networks that air only the "Mittens & Barry dog and pony show".

WA Resident

I'm from Washington State too and I already sent my ballot in and it has Gary Johnson as my vote for the President. Thanks for clarifying the write-in situation in WA state so that people can make an informed decision on what they are going to do on their ballot!

My ballot also has a Yes vote for I-502 to end marijuana prohibition in WA state!


Well written, but front

Well written, but front page?

I don't care if they don't count it, I'm writing in ron paul anyway. Do you seriously believe they will not purposely deny Gj votes?!

ytc's picture

Why not front page?! Cogent, well articulated posts for

any other candidates can be on the front page, too, I bet. . . We are a flexible thoughtful bunch. We want to hear from ALL candidates and their supporters.

i voted yesterday!

on the way home it occured to me that the odds were that not one of the candidates that i voted for would win. and yet, i never felt better about voting!

In Michigan

Dr. Paul is not allowed as a write in, But GJ is. My 74 year old mother wrote him in on her absentee ballot. I will do the same come election day.

As a side note, since my choice for president is not available, I am researching all of the local and state candidates and hope they will become our last defense.

I May Not Vote 4 President

for the first time in my voting life...

Elections are rigged...Candidates are flawed

or my Protest Vote may go to Virgil Goode because we have sore loser laws in MO. I suppose he was the best the Constitution Party could do...???

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I also DO miss

Chuck Baldwin, bear. . . But then, through his newsletters, Chuck B is STILL influencing and fine-tuning the opinions of a large segment of liberty-minded population.

Great !

Good decision...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I can respect this decision

As I've written numerous times, I think that those who live in states where Ron Paul votes count, vote Paul. For the rest, vote your conscience. My conscience is still with Paul, but I really respect the fact that you checked with the Sec of State and made an informed decision.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I live in a state that allows write ins

but I will not write in Ron Paul because write ins are not allowed in many states. Johnson, is a viable candidate and is as close to Ron Paul as you can get for a viable candidate. Also this could give Lib Party a chance to get recognized in 2016. Emotionally I would write in Ron Paul, but logically I should vote for Johnson. Logic wins.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

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Not Me!

I could not bring myself to vote Johnson. I don't trust the close connections with the CFR (see multiple DP posts on the subject), and after seeing the infiltration of the LP (of which I was a member for many years) by the likes of Bob Barr, I no longer trust the LP at the national level - my conscience could not let me vote for Johnson.

I wrote in Ron Paul in a state where my vote will not count. Why? Because I don't think our votes really count anyway after seeing multiple elections stolen by a host of means incl. violence - and of course Rigged "machines" - but I still have a duty to vote FOR what I want. Having put so much time, money and effort into the RP campaign (incl. becoming an a-delegate bound to RP) - I must follow through and complete the job.

PAUL 2016

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa