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My final decision: Gary Johnson for President of the United States

After weeks of arguing with myself on whether to write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson, I came to a decision I can live with.

Since I wanted my vote to count (in WA State), and since I wanted to send a message to the 2-party strangle-hold on the American political process, I concluded a vote for the Libertarians was the best option.

But in one last attempt to vote for Dr. Paul, I spoke with Washington State's Secretary of State office to see how they handle write-ins.

Even if a candidate registers here (which Dr. Paul didn't do), they will not even look at write-in names unless they feel they might affect the outcome of the election.

And even if they DO count them, they won't publish the actual names unless a write-in candidate were to miraculously win.

As much as I wanted to write in Dr. Paul, I felt it was more important to support a viable candidate, who was on the ballot in the most states, and who I liked well enough to vote for.

We all know Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul (but then who IS other than Dr. Paul himself?!).

But Johnson has said on more than than one occasion that his hero is Ron Paul (he said it again in the 3rd party dabates).

There is no doubt that the Libertarian Party would have welcomed Dr. Paul with open arms as their candidate.

Top that off with Ron having stated recently that Gary Johnson is a "wonderful candidate who everyone should take a look at."

So in the end, I felt the very best use of my vote (even after years of supporting the Ron Paul campaign with my money, time and effort), was to choose Gary Johnson.

Ever since seeing all the cheating done by the republicans this entire campaign season, I have promised that "I'll Remember In November" and remember I did.


Gary Johnson 2012!!!

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You don't make sense

So you say you won't vote for GJ because he is in the Libertarian party but you would have vote for RP even though he was running as Republican. So are you saying you rather vote republican than libertarian?

Is your choice of course I just think your logic is wrong. We hope for the best.

Good grief.

The multiple posts connecting CFR to Johnson are garbage. Written by a bunch of dolts who connect dots when none exist.

Are you trying to tell us the the LP is more corrupt than GOP?? Than the Dems??

Anyway, thanks for all your work on the campaign. The rEVOLution continues!


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for the feedback. The point I'm making is that I don't trust the LP (anymore), just like I don't trust the GOP or the Dems. I'm not comparing them - as you suggested, and I'm not saying they are corrupt. I think there are many good people in the LP (like Badnarik - who I voted for), but looking at the LP now, I just don't feel like they have the soul they once had. could just be me, dunno.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Johnson won't win

Since Johnson won't win, voting for him is purely SYMBOLIC. So whether his close connections with the CFR are actually nefarious are irrelevant. Internal problems within the LP are also irrelevant - they are still the most prominent party for LIBERTY that we have.

It's so disappointing to see supporters for liberty waste their votes on write-ins that won't be counted.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Your Vote Only Counts if Your a Presidential Elector

It is the Presidential Electors in the Electoral College system in each state, that actually votes for the President and Vice-President. So the best thing we can do - is to support third parties, by throwing our conscience vote to Gary Johnson at the polls this election, so next time third parties will be able to compete more effectively! For those that still want to see a President Ron Paul and Vice President Gary Johnson, we need to write a letter to the Presidential Electors in our state..urging them to vote Paul/Johnson! This is the best way you can make your voice heard!

GJ 2012

Nice post P12. I am also making Gary my protest vote for the screwing we took this year. I believe if RP would have ran on the L-ticket he would have had a hell of a shot at winning.


As much as I want to write in Ron Paul, I will be casting my vote for Gary Johnson. To arrive at this juncture has been a travesty in itself. After 5-6 years of brutal fighting for the only man I truly believe in and to end up here is difficult to say the least. I am as hardcore as it gets when it came to the support of Dr Paul, but now GJ is our best chance to strengthen the libertarian party, and give the silent majority a voice with the only strong opposition to the 2 party duopoly. We need to support Gary now and hope he gets over 10%. His debate performance was very good, and he finally showed some much needed passion. He is a man of conviction. Time to get behind him!

Gary Johnson 2012, I need to find a bumper sticker.

He's not Ron Paul, but I am voting for him

I'm not sure why Gary Johnson is supporting equality in marriage so hard. I like Ron Paul's position: It's not the federal government's role to decide who can get married and who can't.

There are some other issues I don't agree with, but Gary Johnson is the only major candidate talking about:

- Ending the wars

- Ending the FED

- Abolishing the IRS

- Repealing/letting expire the Patriot Act & NDAA

- Ending the drug war

- Cutting spending

- Ending the two (one) party system

I'm voting for Gary Johnson

I agree M.G. that Dr. Paul's stance on marriage is better...

...than Gary Johnson's.

Get the government OUT of the marriage business altogether and quit trying to influence social behavior with tax codes.

I know the federal government wants to reward people for producing more little tax-payers, but that is not a proper role of government.

Then they punish those who either can't or choose not to procreate which is unfair.

All advantages for married people should be abolished.

Marriages (or other civil unions) should be only between the parties involved and the organizations (of their choice) who preside over and sanction their marriages.

Any subsequent legal issues within the marriage or union should be handled by courts of law.

Even local government should be OUT of it.

No permits, licenses or any other permission by any level of government should be required.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Sound logic. I have to believe that most RP supporters, and supporters of the rEVOlution, will make the same decision.


Thank you.. I wish others

Thank you.. I wish others would come to their senses.. ;)

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I get the feeling

I get the feeling a lot more are, the closer we get to the election.

if you think your vote

means squat...except that you are deluded...you aren.tcoming to your senses.