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The Federal Reserve System is nothing more or less than a banking cartel

While the majority of us here are well aware of the evil represented by the Fed, it is always helpful to offer additional material that presents the truth in a simplified format for newcomers to digest. The video and blog post available at the following link is worthy of review by all, in that it puts things in proper perspective in a concise format. Enjoy, and pass on to those who are just awakening to America's financial plight.


If this has been posted here before, I apologize for the repetition.


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American Dream

+1. the historical background of banking, usury & Fed is well explained in an animated movie - video called "The American Dream, =


"An Entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new,and why leaders ... "

Its a Rothschild controled family multi generational scam of

Creating a nations sovereign money out of thin air, digitized at no cost then loaning this fiat money as a compounding debt to the very nation could have created the very same fiat money without creating debt (I do not agree with fiat money but the point is FALSE DEBT). So the govenrments are part of the scam to go along with such compounding false national debts.

Its a family crime against humanity that has been going on since 1666, when they first started it.

They have created a world wide false debt slavery scam imprisoning humanity into cycles of spiraling false national debts that culminate in mass genocides called war.

Time to stop supporting such a monitary system and start using a better means to trade goods and services.