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The mess Mitt made: He should have listened to Ron Paul on foreign policy

It is quite apparent by now to even the casual student of politics that Mitt Romney has no views of his own.

He simply asks his advisers what position is popular and then gets up there on his hind legs and espouses it.

The result was the muddle we saw in that foreign-policy debate the other evening.

After running for an entire year or more as an uber-hawk, Romney suddenly reversed course and tried to tell the public that he doesn't differ from Barack Obama on much of anything.

Near as I can deduce it, he did so because his advisers told him that he was alienating voters by resurrecting the foreign policy of George W. Bush.

That's not a winning stance, given that he's also resurrecting the domestic policy of Bush.

Mitt needed to develop policies of his own - or at least steal them from someone who did.

That someone was Ron Paul.

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Thats not Romneys style of management

If you listen, it's clearly evident. He makes decisions based on the consensus of his advisers. He surrounds himself with people he believes are knowledgeable and talented, he then makes his decision based on that advice. In the primary debates, when asked about war, he stated he would sit down with his attorneys. Its a management style very common with corporate CEOs, not great world leaders. That was the same criticism that was levied against George W. Bush, that he delegated many of his decisions to his advisers. We all know where that got us.