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Libertarian congressional candidate protesting exclusion from Cleveland debates

As Election Day nears, David Macko in the 14th U.S. Congressional District in northeast Ohio is challenging the City Club of Cleveland’s decision to exclude from its debates candidates like him who do not represent the two main political parties.

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This is happening in Austin, TX as well

They said he didn't meet YNN's self-imposed $25,000 campaign fundraising threshold in order to be invited.

Please read my posting about it here: http://www.dailypaul.com/260159/help-libertarian-candidate-b...

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Thanks for posting

Tyranny of the two-party duopoly.

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This is typical establishment horse poop as well

A few months back when Steven LaTourette decided he was not going to run for congress again to seek life as a DC lobbyist, we had a very good constitution minded state representative in mind to fill his position on the ballot by the name of Ron Young. A man who has been working to stop U.N. Agenda 21 with a passion. A true liberty representative of the people in Ohio. Someone that even Dave Macko said he admires, and if Dave would have known Ron would be the one to fill the republican slot on the November ballot, then he (Dave) would not have been compelled to run for the position of congressman in the Ohio 14th district. Well...contrary to many requests from many TEA party, 9:12, and liberty groups to the republican leadership in the counties that make up the Ohio 14th district to replace LaTourette with Ron Young, they decided to put one of Steve LaTourette's old law partners Mr. Joyce on the ballot because Mr. LaTourette let it be known that he had about 2 million dollars worth of campaign funds that would be made available if they would pick his long time buddy Mr. Joyce who is a prosecutor in Geauga county.
It was always about the money. Always has been anyway.
So now we have a not-so-popular or well known democrat running against another not so well known or popular republican, and that does present a problem for both establishment candidates. I do believe that Dave Macko has put the fear of God in these two because people DO know who Dave Macko is in Ohio CD-14. He has run against LaTourette in the past. And I think that with the stupid move the republican party made by not listening to the liberty minded, they could most certainly lose this congressional seat.
Time will tell. But that fact that they will not allow Dave Macko to participate in the debates tells a little story...don't you think so?
I think so.