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How about drafting Judge Nap for 2016?

What would you all think about drafting Judge Nap for running for President in 2016?!

I could see him being the 'glue' that could help reunite us:

- those who are leery of Rand Paul would probably feel more comfortable with the Judge
- those who are leery of Gary Johnson, same
- those who are looking for someone more in the tradition of Dr. Paul would be encouraged
- those who do like Rand, Gary, etc. also have a high respect for the Judge
- he has great name and face recognition not only in the Liberty community but beyond due to his exposure on the FNC networks
- he's likeable and engaging

I have no idea how to get the ball rolling on this, but what do you think? (' course, if Dr. Paul turns out to be serious about 2016, and that wasn't just a joke on Leno, I would be on board with that! :) )

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I would gladly campaign for

I would gladly campaign for and vote for the judge. I hope we can convince him. We had to draft Ron Paul this time around too, so maybe this next time will be the charm. :)

Blessings )o(

Same here!

How did we draft Ron Paul last time? How do you go about doing that successfully? Do you have to know somebody that knows somebody that can put a bug in the person's ear?