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MSNBC's 'Morning Joe': Joe Klein's sociopathic defense of drone killings of children (VIDEO)

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe': Joe Klein's sociopathic defense of drone killings of children (VIDEO)

Reflecting the Obama legacy and US culture, the Time columnist says: "the bottom line is: 'whose 4-year-olds get killed?'"

Glenn Greenwald
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 23 October 2012 11.29 EDT

On MSNBC's Morning Joe program this morning, which focused on Monday's night presidential debate, the former right-wing Congressman and current host Joe Scarborough voiced an eloquent and impassioned critique of President Obama's ongoing killing of innocent people in the Muslim world using drones. In response, Time Magazine's Joe Klein, a stalwart Obama supporter, offered one of the most nakedly sociopathic defenses yet heard of these killings. This exchange, which begins at roughly the 7:00 minute mark on the video embedded below, is quite revealing in several respects.

Here are the relevant portions of the exchange, which was triggered when regular guest Mike Barnicle announced how amazing he found it that so little public attention and debate is paid to the fact that Obama simply kills whomever he wants "without any kind of due process":

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/23/klein-dr...

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This should really be front

This should really be front page. How can one justify the killing of innocent children? I don't understand "people" (he's still human, right?) like Klein.

What the election is really all about

is who gets to be judge, jury and executioner in chief.

Glenn and Ben need to start

Glenn and Ben need to start their own agency.

Once again

Once again, we are forced to read foreign newspapers for any sense of perspective of what happens in our own country.