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Mitt Romney's momentum: An illusion conjured by his campaign?

Here's something you may not know from reading the political press, says Jonathan Chait at New York: President Obama is winning, Mitt Romney's rise in the polls stopped two weeks ago, and Team Romney's "downright giddy" claims of election-winning momentum "is a bluff."


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It's the same Karl Rove strategy that Dubya used in 2000:

brag like you're winning enough, and the polls will eventually catch up with your ego.

Unfortunately for Willard, though, this strategy only worked for Dubya because the Electoral College was more or less in a deadlock. Meanwhile, most estimates have Obama leading Willard by about 22 in the EC with not much time left for Willard to catch up.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Everything about him is

Everything about him is manufactured, right down to the votes he supposedly got in the primaries.

Blessings )o(