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Third Party Debate - Who gives a SH*T?

Why don't you leave a comment and tell them YOU DO.



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Who is Jimmy Kimmel seriously

Who is Jimmy Kimmel seriously never heard of him?

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Jimmy Kimmel will care...

when the lynch mobs catch up with him and his ilk and hang him for helping the PTB destroy civilization when there were real alternatives.

Hard to imagine

Hard to imagine anyone could watch that 3rd party debate and not be struck by how much more substantive the debate was, and also by how much better those candidates would be as POTUS.


Life in America...

The piece will probably result in a slight drop in his market share,
but he'll probably get a raise in salary.

One comment I would have liked to have heard from somebody at the debate, associated with the general notion of "vote your conscience", "vote for a candidate you like best out of all candidates", or "don't vote for the lesser of two evils", is the suggestion that if collectively the nonmajor-party candidates receive more votes than either Obama or Romney, that the nature of US elections will be radically changed forever for the better [even with Obama or Romney being elected].


Who the hell watches Jimmy Kimmel?


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Terribly unfunny.

The anti-Jimmy Kimmel sentiment spreads.

TV What else needs to be


What else needs to be said.

Southern Agrarian

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is a ratings killer, especially in the age demographic he attracts.

If he keeps that up, he'll be saying goodbye to his ratings.

good idea

Thanks Ian.

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