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HELP! Libertarian candidate barred from TV debate b/c he didn't raise enough $

YNN, a local 24hr news channel in Austin, Texas is hosting a debate between (D) Donna Howard and (R) Robert Thomas for Texas House of Representatives District 48(HD-48).

Oddly, one of the better financed Libertarians in the state (L) Joe Edgar was excluded by a decision of the YNN staff because he didn't meet the $25,000 campaign fund threshold in order to qualify for the HD-48's sole Televised Debate.

He is well funded, organized and running in a race that was decided between only a handfull of votes in the last election. PLEASE call the YNN newsdesk and ask that they include Joe Edgar in the YNN debate for HD 48. YNN #512-531-8800.

BE POLITE!!!! Thank you! :-)

more information on Joe Edgar: http://joeedgar.com/