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Has anyone thought about how they're going to function in their local/state Republican parties if Romney wins or loses?

I'm having a tough time with this issue.

1. Romney wins: We have 8 years of being surrounded by people who love & support him. Sure, we can work on our own local candidates & issues, but there are those meetings where everyone's just so happy they have President Romney, while you are holding your stomach to keep from heaving.

2. Romney wins: The next RNC Convention is a love-fest for Romney. No need to pony up thousands to make a stand for liberty there. I can assure you, Mittens will have no competition in the primaries/caucuses, nor will any competition be allowed. See the new RNC rules for selecting delegates to the national convention.

3. Romney loses: We will be blamed. You know it. How do we pick up the pieces? Those new rules passed at Tampa will HAVE to be changed before the next convention, otherwise, we're not going to be given a shadow of a chance to attend as delegates.

4. Romney loses: We have to have a candidate YESTERDAY! We need to find our candidate & get him/her out there NOW! This time, it HAS to be someone thoroughly vetted, who wants to win & has an accountable staff. No more Jesse Bentons, or anyone like him. No more pulling back after major wins. We need a candidate who is a dominating debator.

So, those are the things going thru my mind. Honestly, if Romney wins, I can't see myself investing much of my time in the party....

My only reason would be to elect more liberty Republican National Committeemen & Committeewoman. That is the ONLY way to get power in that party.

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There's a one party system

There's a one party system you'll NEVER change. ANY other vote is symbolic at best. Who best symbolizes you?

Prove it. Seriously, I mean

Prove it. Seriously, I mean that. Go prove it. Prove to the world that no one's vote counts, and that the elections are entirely rigged. Not just gamed, rigged. Prove it.

And I'm not just saying that antagonistically. Seriously. Go out and prove it. I want to see that, I really do. I believe you may well be right. But until you can prove it, it means nothing.

In the world right now, the one where evil people run loose and lie to you all the time and kill millions upon millions of innocent women and children, in THIS WORLD, the most likely way to affect change is to get Gary Johnson more than 5% of the vote, and have them actually count it. And I don't see anyone offering up a better way to do that than to just go out and vote for Gary Johnson.

Many of the points the "write in Ron Paul" and "don't vote at all" folks make are spot on. Yes, the system is most definitely gamed very hard, if not rigged. But that doesn't really change anything. You still have to look at the world, look at your options, and consider the best thing you can do that is the most likely to affect REAL CHANGE in the world! I'm sorry, but those two moral superiority "statements" are NOT IT!

Programmer under oath admits

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

That's not enough. And you

That's not enough. And you know it.

Better yet, and the way it

Better yet, and the way it should be, Prove to me elections are honest. You can't. no one can. And that's the problem.

You need to learn how burden

You need to learn how burden of proof works.

So far I have more proof that

So far I have more proof that it's probably rigged.

Reality Check w/ Ben Swann: Can Ohio Voting Machines be Hacked? 10/25/12

You don't understand. I agree

You don't understand. I agree with you. I believe it's probably rigged as well. I'm asking you to prove it. If you can do that we can bring down this corrupt government!

Voting has never changed

Voting has never changed anything. Why would it? What creates change is when the hearts and minds of the people change. In order to do that we must all educate ourselves and then attempt to help educate other people. If libertarians become numerous enough then the country will change regardless of whether you vote or not. So unless voting someone converts people to libertarianism, I'm not really sure why it is important at all. But don't get me wrong, I have no problem if people support GJ or vote for him. I just think there are better ways to create change than getting involved with politics. Ron Paul is the exception because he was using his campaign to spread the message, and he was more effective at converting people to libertarianism than any person who has ever walked Earth.

So the fact that Dr. Ron Paul

So the fact that Dr. Ron Paul was voted in as congressman changed nothing?
So the fact that we in Utah voted in Mike Lee to senate changed nothing?
The fact that Hitler was voted into office changed nothing?

That is your argument?

Yes, a good showing for the Libertarian party WILL ABSOLUTELY "convert" (though I don't really like that word for this purpose...) people to Libertarianism. It will open their minds to the idea that there really could be a third choice, if they allowed it.

Anyway, I appreciate that you respect my opinion on voting for him, and ultimately I respect your decision on who to vote for although I would heavily urge people to make the decision that I feel personally has the best shot to move us forward.

That said, the "don't vote" movement actively seeks to make people who were going to vote for someone OTHER than the establishment stay home. They are targeting people who were going to vote for Dr. Paul! I do not understand what good this promotes. Why can't the "don't vote" campaign be moved somewhere else, like a Romney forum? All of us here want the same things yet we bicker bitterly over the means of getting there, when there is a much bigger audience who is likely more receptive to the message anyway.

Here is an article on why I

Here is an article on why I believe not voting is the best option. http://www.lewrockwell.com/chodorov/chodorov20.1.html

I would also suggest reading this fantastic work by Étienne de La Boétie

Poltics is war by other means.

The founders of our nation made it SO easy to defend liberty: You don't have to shoot anyone, or get shot at (like they did). They set up a system where you can have a revolution without firing a shot. All you have to do is vote, run for office, get involved and speak your mind. The poltical process is war by other means. You should use it.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601

If I agreed with you then I

If I agreed with you then I would do that, but I don't agree with you. See above info for why.

And let me just quote the

And let me just quote the last line of that very article to demonstrate why that can't possibly be the case.

"I started my revolution 25 years ago and the country is none the worse [or better] for it."

good post

good post

A big

fat +1 on that.

If Romney wins - he will get one term.

What you fail to see is that things are bad. Very, very bad.

Romney will not be able to stop the bleeding without cutting. That means cutting social programs - that will spark anger in the poor and the media liberals. It also means limiting military - despite what he is saying.

Romney will be blamed for an economy that CANNOT be saved except by measures proposed by Ron Paul (and Romney isn't going to do that stuff).

If Romney wins - we will see a SEVERE swing to liberalism/socialism in 2016. People will be saying "The Republicans had the Presidency for the last 12 out of 16 years and look at the mess we are in!"

The poor are going to be downright violent and we will have socialist revolution (not the right kind of revolution) on our hands.

A Romney win will cause this country to do a 180 degree turn to Socialism.

If Romney wins he'll be just like Obama and do nothing that

he promised. He'll just be a puppet and let the globalists tell him what to do.

I'm not talking about what his masters will do.

My post wasn't about what the people with a hand-up his puppet body will do. Of course they will do the same thing if Romney is elected or if Obama is elected.

I am talking about the PEOPLE. And there is going to be strong sentiment for socialism among them as a backlash - if Romney wins.

Ron Paul Was My Last Hope

that we will still have a republic in 8 years. Doubt that we will still have one in 1 year so your article is pretty much moot as far as I am concerned. Head for the hills or end up in a camp is the way I see it. Sorry to be so gloomy but that's just what I think.


No need to be gloomy. Get your state to secede ....

.... from the union and nullify all the unconstitutional activity that has gone on in Congress and at the executive branch. The states are supposed to prevail over the Federal Govt. Let's not forget that.

Are You Kidding?

Perry is the governor of Texas! The only things he nullifies is bills to stop the TSA etc.


Oh yeah, feeling down? No

Oh yeah, feeling down? No biggie, just get your state to secede from the union. You'll be feeling better in no time! It's just that simple!

No matter who wins im done with either of the sold out

Bank gangster parties. No is my final answer to debt issue fiat money.


I hope Romney loses

I know, I'm bitter at the way we were treated after all our passion, money and hard work were thrown away by the GOP establishment.

I'm going to debate them on the actual conservative issues. I'm an issues voter, but I'm always conservative, but socially liberal. Your classic libertarian.

I just do not see how Romney winning will make any difference in the horrible direction this county is headed. We would be better off letting Obama continue to fail, as he has, and come up with maybe Rand Paul.

I would like to be blamed

for Romney losing. I want the establishment to know they can't get elected without us.

We would never be blamed,

We would never be blamed, because it would show just how big we really are.

Keep that in mind

if Romney wins. May be that will show how small we actually are.

If he wins, It shows just how

If he wins, It shows just how much power the system has. Still want to waste time trying to "take it over"?

Weather Mitt wins or loses,

Weather Mitt wins or loses, we have the numbers to take over the conventions in 2014! They only beat us because Romney built a team from the establishment hacks and planned to defeat us. Next time we just go in as Republicans, and we can take over. Let your participation dwindle for the next year and a half if you have to but within about 6 months of the next convention get into it again in a big way! This time, many of the newcomers while have experience. In 2014, we change the rules back and replace Prince Reibus with our guy! We get our people in as many places of power as possible and in 2016 we nominate Rand or Amash, or whoever and take over more positions of power!