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Has anyone thought about how they're going to function in their local/state Republican parties if Romney wins or loses?

I'm having a tough time with this issue.

1. Romney wins: We have 8 years of being surrounded by people who love & support him. Sure, we can work on our own local candidates & issues, but there are those meetings where everyone's just so happy they have President Romney, while you are holding your stomach to keep from heaving.

2. Romney wins: The next RNC Convention is a love-fest for Romney. No need to pony up thousands to make a stand for liberty there. I can assure you, Mittens will have no competition in the primaries/caucuses, nor will any competition be allowed. See the new RNC rules for selecting delegates to the national convention.

3. Romney loses: We will be blamed. You know it. How do we pick up the pieces? Those new rules passed at Tampa will HAVE to be changed before the next convention, otherwise, we're not going to be given a shadow of a chance to attend as delegates.

4. Romney loses: We have to have a candidate YESTERDAY! We need to find our candidate & get him/her out there NOW! This time, it HAS to be someone thoroughly vetted, who wants to win & has an accountable staff. No more Jesse Bentons, or anyone like him. No more pulling back after major wins. We need a candidate who is a dominating debator.

So, those are the things going thru my mind. Honestly, if Romney wins, I can't see myself investing much of my time in the party....

My only reason would be to elect more liberty Republican National Committeemen & Committeewoman. That is the ONLY way to get power in that party.

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so how do we get "change the rules back and replace Prince Reibus with our guy"?

You do in every state what we

You do in every state what we did in Iowa and Nevada this year! Put our people in power. In an off year they will not be fighting us like they did this year.

ok so Iowa and Navada got delegates

to the RNC, I'm proud of them, true heros, and you forgot Maine, but they did what to stop the rule change? They got walked over, need a reminder:


so what exactly to you think will be different in an off year that they will all of a sudden be nice?

or maybe we could just hack the teleprompter:

These were just an example, I

These were just an example, I also left off Louisiana, Alaska, Washington, and likely others. We go again and we elect our people to run things! We just need more states! In the mid term conventions there will be no organized campaign attempting to thwart us! Fewer people participate then when there is a presidential election. We got nearly 2/3rds in Texas! If we can get 51%, and do it in another dozen or so states, which I think is doable, we put our own people in charge!


we could ACTUALLY BUILD UP the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party... instead of beating a dead elephant (and WASTING ELECTION CYCLE AFTER ELECTION CYCLE).

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Constitution Party and the Drug War

Candidate Goode, of the Constitution Party, in the debates, was strongly for Drug Prohibition. That's great, he is a member of the party but doesn't understand the Constitution. Like Dr. Strangelove, he just cant' control himself - in this instance he can't control the fact that he is a Republican who wants to control your life.

Make mine Libertarian.


has voted for some bad things, if you check his record (Patriot Act comes to mind). I LOVE his stance on the border and immigration, but otherwise not too enthused.

No, I'm talking Constitution Party in a general sense, but the man who best personifies the party, I think, is Chuck Baldwin - the 08 candidate I voted for.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Yea, split up our numbers

Yea, split up our numbers between two parties that have no chance! Great idea! Your real name is Lindsay Graham right? Fooling those Ron Paul people into oblivion, Mitt is so proud of you!

why does it have to be either/or?

Why can't we work in both

Actually no...

I'm not tracking exactly what would be "split" (that's just a phrase that deceptive Establishment republican folks throw out). Some States may have great Constitution Party folks and some Libertarian Party folks. But BOTH parties would Congressionally move us in the right direction, away from the LEFTIST democrats and LEFTIST republicans.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Nope no plans to change.

I as elected delegate as a supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Free includes debt-free!

If Romney wins...

Are you so certain that he would stay in for two terms? He only finished one term as Governor, and when he did that he had all the hard drives wiped or replaced so nobody could find out what corruption he was involved in. He would likely do the same thing as President. Get in, commit the fraud, and get out.

But yes, if he wins then the local Republican meetings will be unbearable. However, if he loses then you had better be at that next meeting pointing fingers at all those in GOP leadership who didn't do their jobs and LOST what should have been an easy win. Seriously, Obama SUCKS and very few will dispute that... yet team Romney is having to spend over $500,000,000 to convince Republicans to support him?? wtf. If they hadn't pushed a loser flip-flopping candidate on us then they could have coasted to victory.

He may not win in 2016, but

He may not win in 2016, but he would 100% definitely be the nominee, and that's enough to prevent us from nominating someone else!

Not unbearable...

...it's an opportunity to point out to the R's Romney's misdeeds as he is in the act of doing them, and forcing an internal debate by calling on those who say they support the Constitution to actually do so. I'm not saying there won't be difficulties, but I view it as a challenge and an opportunity.

I think the People are more primed to be sceptical of Romney than they were under Bush. If we're not there to help them get on the straight and narrow, then shame on us for giving up and shirking our duties!

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Oh - so let's vote in another murderous president

so we can show the other sidewhat a murderous president REALLY is.

Then EVERYONE will learn what a REAL murderous president is if we vote for Romney.

Because the world was so dumb that they didn't think the President we had before was murderous enough.


Where did I say anything...

... about voting for Romney? I didn't vote for him, and I haven't encouraged others to, either.

The point of this thread, I thought, was to consider what our options are given the possible scenario of Romney winning/losing, etc. You're confusing my discussion for what the pros and cons are under Romney with actually hoping he wins. There are different pros and cons if Obama wins again. I don't advocate voting for either Obamney or Rombama.

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I was trying to point out

that the possible scenario of Romney winning/losing is the same possible scenario of Obama winning/losing.

Going a bit further, Obama winning/losing in 2008 was the same as McCain winning/losing in 2008. Either way, McCain's agenda was fulfulled (the wars were extended) and Obama's agenda was fulfilled (Romneycare became national).

My bitterness is at the topic, not you and I apologize for any offense my post may have caused.

No worries :)

I'm just hoping that we will engage on all fronts, in all parties, spare no effort, in either situation. Putting all the eggs either inside or outside the GOP is probably not the best idea?

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I am a lifelong Republican and I'm here to stay, either way.

***I am not voting for Romney.***

Rand is my lifeline. I just donated to RandPac today - he is running some great ads and making a pretty good impact.

A simple call to a neighbor today asking to see if her teenage daughter was available to babysit on Saturday night led to a 1/2 hour long monologue on her part as to what we as a neighborhood should do if Muslims bought the vacant house in our 10-house subdivision.

Apparently she has watched some movie Glenn Beck put out recently and has urged me to watch it. She has come to the point where she is so worried that she has to let everyone know.

So she is convinced Muslims are taking over the world & it's too late because she's heard Muslim students are allowed to have teacher's lounges being rearranged to accommodate their need to pray five times a day. And we Christians are not allowed to pray at school!!! So unfair!

I told her that whoever that Muslim student's lawyer was, I guess we need to hire him/her. :)

I gently tried to get through to her that one day, maybe even as soon as 20 years from now, what restrictions she wishes upon those Muslims today might be used against her children long after she is dead and gone. Not sure I had any luck.

Can you imagine me trying to talk sane with her if I told her I was a third party person and not a fellow Republican?

To be sure, it's people like her that need to know what a staunch Republican is - the Ron Paul kind, not the Glen Beck kind.

Then you will REMAIN

A FAILURE. Simple.

We could sure use a hand in the Constitution Party. The Libertarian Party.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Which one, Brother Winston,

Which one, Brother Winston, should I join? You mention both, so I'm not sure what your strategy is. All that will do is divide us further, scattered into 3 different parties. I doubt you are actually thinking at all about what you're saying.

We've already won GOP State Chairs in many of the caucus states that voted for those positions earlier this year and we are poised to win many more state chairs in the rest of the party elections in the next few months, not to mention other party positions up for election. Why would I throw that all away to start all over again in another party, especially one that's disadvantaged? The establishment GOP is aging fast and We Are the Future.

Besides, I spent 8 years in one of those "third parties" and it was a waste of 8 years in political no-man's land of irrelevancy. Third parties are where people shake their fists at the man and complain about the election laws while further dividing themselves into oppositional groups based on theoretical purity, instead of coming up with a plan on how to turn the ship of state around.

Instead of having their best candidates running for city council, state representative or other local positions that they could win and fulfill the duties of, Third party people run for the highest offices on the ballot (in order to "promote the party" to the widest possible audience) for jobs that they aren't even capable of doing (Governor, US Senator, Congressman, but you don't even have a decent picture for your ads).

For the people out there who want to know my answer to the OP's question, I'd say that it matters a little bit what state you live in.

If it's an overwhelmingly Republican leaning state and you have a good team of liberty activists already working in the party (sounds oddly similar to Rand Paul and Thomas Massie's situation in Kentucky), then don't throw that all away just because the National Committee is filled with jerks. Find a Republican campaign to work for and DO SOMETHING.

If you're in a heavily Democrat state where Romney is guaranteed to lose, find one liberty Republican (or even a run-of-the-mill GOP candidate running for a local position) to support and get to work.

Local and first time candidates are especially good to help, since they would appreciate your help a lot more and (if they're not very liberty-oriented) there's no downside to them winning if it's a local race with little political power or little chance of them winning a long-shot state position.

Show that you're willing to help do SOMETHING instead of NOTHING and then organize a slate to win party positions later this year.

In either state situation, the basic GOP member who's there for the social club atmosphere and to "beat the D's" won't be actively working against you for party positions if they've met and worked with you on SOMETHING, and see that you're not "just a liberal plant there to take over the party".

My hope is that Romney wins the Popular Vote total but narrowly loses the Electoral College to Obama. That will shut up the Demonrats who want to do away with the Electoral College and set up a Dictatorship of the Majority, while an Obama 2nd term will keep the Republicans in Congress more willing to hold the President's power in check. It may also set the stage for a great 2014 Midterm Liberty Candidate wave in the Congressional races.

Think about how you can help make the Popular Vote total different than the Electoral College. HINT: It depends on whether your state is a Toss-up or not.

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Nothing personal, Glen.

Send this to your neighbor..

Explain it to her if the troubling aspect of what this group is doing might be over her head. If she believed the propaganda then she likely needs some help understanding how she is being used.

that video was put out by a group that is simply using Islamophobia to defeat Obama. They have no other interest than defeating Obama and are willing to use any scare tactic they can, even if it isn't honest.

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Not so easy. She perceives herself to be wiser than me.

She is older than me and a mother of five who is on ten different committees tending to the needs of ten different aspects of our community.

And she listens to Rush and Glenn.

But patience is a commodity for me - I'm a not so young mother of four and am only tending to half of what she's doing which has enabled me to do a much better job because I don't carry those worries around.

I feel better than her and it shows. Hopefully she'll soon take notice.

Patience, patience - that's all we have. :)

I'm Not

I quit the party, and changed my registration to No Party Affiliation. I'm finished with them. If there is nobody worth voting for I don't vote, it's that simple.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

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"Good riddance,"

said the pricks that successfully ran Ron Paul off at the Republican Convention.

Me? Not so easy to get rid of.

I will not be voting for Romney.

If you remain a republican...

they've already gotten rid of you. You are NOT a threat to them and sit toothless, clawless and fangless... RIGHT AT THEIR FOOT!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

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No, I am not clawless and fangless

and am certainly not at the feet of Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

The party is over and The Party has just begun.


Same as the 80's.
Same as the 90's.
Same as the 00's.
Same as 2010.

THIS TIME... it'll be different. THIS TIME... you gon' KICKSOMEASS!!!!!!!! GRRRRROOOOOOWL!!!!!!!!!


Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

You're exactly describing the Libertarian Party.

Formed in 1971, from disaffected Republicans that left the party when Nixon closed the Gold window and made "all of us" Keynesians, the Libertarian Party has been trying to elect someone to Congress or Governor for 41 years and they've failed.

Same as the 80's.
Same as the 90's.
Same as the 00's.
Never electing a single person to Congress or as Governor. (Jesse Ventura as an Independent Governor did more for liberty, without the Libertarian Party label holding him back)

Same as 2010 (you're ignoring Amash, Rand, along with others who lean toward liberty, not to mention many more in state legislatures)

Who did the Libertarian party have in Congress? No one.

2012 we will have Massie, Amash, Stockman, Bentivolio, Rand along with other "Liberty Caucus" members.

Who will the Libertarian party get into Congress? No one.