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Has anyone thought about how they're going to function in their local/state Republican parties if Romney wins or loses?

I'm having a tough time with this issue.

1. Romney wins: We have 8 years of being surrounded by people who love & support him. Sure, we can work on our own local candidates & issues, but there are those meetings where everyone's just so happy they have President Romney, while you are holding your stomach to keep from heaving.

2. Romney wins: The next RNC Convention is a love-fest for Romney. No need to pony up thousands to make a stand for liberty there. I can assure you, Mittens will have no competition in the primaries/caucuses, nor will any competition be allowed. See the new RNC rules for selecting delegates to the national convention.

3. Romney loses: We will be blamed. You know it. How do we pick up the pieces? Those new rules passed at Tampa will HAVE to be changed before the next convention, otherwise, we're not going to be given a shadow of a chance to attend as delegates.

4. Romney loses: We have to have a candidate YESTERDAY! We need to find our candidate & get him/her out there NOW! This time, it HAS to be someone thoroughly vetted, who wants to win & has an accountable staff. No more Jesse Bentons, or anyone like him. No more pulling back after major wins. We need a candidate who is a dominating debator.

So, those are the things going thru my mind. Honestly, if Romney wins, I can't see myself investing much of my time in the party....

My only reason would be to elect more liberty Republican National Committeemen & Committeewoman. That is the ONLY way to get power in that party.

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Lighten up.

All I do is just let people know that my path is a pretty sane, safe path to follow. A pretty happy path, too.

You should look into it.

A path Ron Paul showed straight-laced me and it's got some pretty gorgeous curves, twists and turns.

You can be married, have kids, have debt, have issues - doesn't matter, the path is still just as good.

I have healthy kids, a healthy marriage and healthy finances.

Same to you,


you PURPOSELY MISLEAD PEOPLE down the SAME REPUBLICAN PATH THAT GOES NOWHERE, by painting fantastic hallucinations of a tough-fought victory THAT NEVER COMES!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

write in Ron Paul or vote for

write in Ron Paul or vote for Johnson. there is always someone to vote for. You should vote and vote down all tax increases, vote out all judges etc...

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Be careful with your advice about write-ins, please.

In states like mine, write-ins don't count unless you pre-qualify.

Agree with the rest of your post.

And in many states Johnson needs the votes

If Johnson gets less than 5% in some states then the Libertarian Party loses ballot access and loses their party status. It's a huge blow to them if they have to collect signatures just to get on the ballot and people can't register as being affiliated with their party.

Do your homework before you write-in Paul because you might be doing exactly what the Republican party wants you to do.

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You mis-understood me

I was trying to sway the poster away from telling people to write RP in. In most states, like mine, it's a wasted vote.

Sorry for the confusion.

Update: I see you've been downvoted but not by me.

The best move....

I think, is to withhold our vote. The Globalists need Romney to win in order to shut down the Liberty/Pauler movement. With Romney as a winner, this ensures them 8yrs and lots of GOP$$$. An Obama win propels the Liberty/Pauler movement forward another step and jepordizes GOP control (Globalist control). IMHO we need to withhold our votes, this would sling shot the movement. It's like sacrificing a pawn to achieve check-mate. Holding the line will be difficult, especially if Romney wins and your car has a RP sticker...Keep your chin up!
Oh, I agree, Romney is far more dangerous than "Nowhere" Obama. I fear that a Romney win will rouse the sheeple and oh what a ride that will be!

How's that been working out?

Nearly half the registered voters don't vote already. Has that slowed anything down? Of course not. Not voting simply means you're not counted anyway. It's widely known that less than 60% of registered voters even bother, but the mandates (such as they are) come from the remaining 40-some percent who do vote.

the best move is to vote.

the best move is to vote. protest vote and show those jerkoff globalists that they don't own you and you have broken free of them and can think. Rarely do 60% of registered voters vote.. so what are you telling them by not voting... NOTHING... Write in Paul, vote for Johnson, vote down all tax increases. vote out all judges. there is always something worth voting for.

It's a shame, and I won't vote for him, but Obama better win

Just think, if Obama wins it'll be another 4 years of the same status quo, the same "polarization", the same problem of nothing getting through congress.

On the other hand, if Romney wins... The ones pulling the puppet strings won't have to worry about "polarization" anymore. The republicans will just fall in line with Romney's propositions, which some are likely to be just like Obama's. So you will have republicans in congress voting for things that Obama had originally wanted to get through, and democrats simply agreeing and also voting these things through. It could get very bad.

The poster is not one of us.

Enough said.

Which poster?

Surely not ausscyn? And if you do mean ausscyn, who is "us"?

Magna est veritas, et prevalebit. Truth is most powerful, and will ultimately prevail.

Personally I hope Obama wins.

For one thing, I don't think I could stomach the love fest for Romney and the gloating over the failure of the Paul campaign. I don't want them reaping the benefit of their treachery in the primaries. I also don't want to look at Romney for the next 8 years. I WANT them to blame us for them losing. Let them all just go away and leave the party to us or we'll just keep making them lose for as long as they insist on acting in this manner and presenting these kinds of candidates for us.

I will adress your concerns one at a time.

Here's how I see it.

1. Romney wins: Yes you will heave and possibly vomit from the "love" that somes repubs have for Romney, BUT there are Senate and House elections within that 4-8 year period of time and if we stop now, they win. WE MUST get liberty minded folks in the House and the Senate, if not it doesn't matter who is president.

2. Romney wins: Yup, but we may be able to work on the delegate rules and please see t#1.

3. Romney loses: We will be blamed.
I HOPE SO!! Free press to expose more of the liberty message. We can explain this is WHY I didn't vote for Mittens.

4. Romney loses: We have to have a candidate YESTERDAY!
There are a couple that come to mind that are probably setting themselves up as we speak for the next election.

That's the way I see it. We need to elect liberty minded folks at the local level but also in the federal house and senate to get the issues dealt with and dropping out now seems silly. Yes you may want to bring barf bags, mp3 player with ear buds to listen to during speeches, but think of all of the opportunity you have to spread the message.

Or if you are really adventurous, you could join the democratic party and start trying to spread the good word to them. There are parts of the liberty message that appeal to both sides and the more the merrier.

and by "liberty minded folks"...

you mean loading local positions and Congress with the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party, right?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

When Romney loses Nevada...

...the numbers will reflect that even with full Paultard support, he would have lost anyway. I personally plan to continue to remain a registered R. I can't wait to attend the first Clark County R Central Committee meeting after the election. The neocons will be back from their adventure/waste of time with "Team Nevada" and will attempt to reinsert themselves in the local party.

The next few years will be filled with drama and finger pointing. The NVGOP and CCRP are better than any television show I've ever watched. It's live improv theater in which I have the great pleasure to be an observer, reporter, and occasional performer. I will stay for the final curtain call.


Grow up and stop using elementary school "words" like "tard" That stopped me from reading any further.


Their word...

...not mine. It's just my way of embracing the derision the liberty haters direct at us. I take their slur and own it. Sorry you think I need to grow up.

I hope Romney wins

I think it's a great opportunity to continue teaching Ron Paul's message of restoring the republic, and discussing how we hold Romney to the loyalty oaths he took, as he held us to those of us who have them.. which is another reason to stay, change the loyalty oath..

Why can't we be the first geneation of Republican to hold our party to our oaths.. golden rule.

this is where you get

this is where you get stupid....

Don't insult me

And don't underestimate the courage and conviction of a few good Ron paul Republicans willing to make the rEVOLution happen in the GOP.

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The Granger

after reading insult upon insult to you and about your stances
i have a message for you
if you are doing the best job you can possibly do,angels in
heaven can do no better
this was passed onto me years ago by a close friend of mine

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression


Thank you deacon. I immediately thought of Saint Michael http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=308

calling granger stupid

is insulting to stupid people.


no, you're actually KILLING the rEVOLution by remaining in the leftist, progressive, chickenhawking, open border, Constitution-SHREDDING republican/democrat (same thing) party, and coercing others to do the same.

It is NOT "courageous." There are NO "Ron Paul Republicans," there are NO "liberty republicans" there are NO "tea party republicans. There is ONLY... REPUBLICAN.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

With all due respect...

Voters hold bad politicians accountable by not electing/re-electing them to office. Electing a politician who has proven himself unworthy through his own record rewards him for bad behavior.

The ONLY power that constituents have - be they registered Republicans, some other party, or no party at all - is at election time. This is true whether you sit on a Republican committee or not.

Acrually, voters send the electoral voters to cast ballots

In 1991, I had 10K marked ballots in the locked ballot box as I had a prescint owrker with me to take the box to the drop off stateion.. being Nov, it was dark and we had a long line of headlights behind us, all waiting to drop off their ballot boxes, when it's announced that Clinton won the election.

It is not about Romney being worthy, but about the rEVOLution fighting to restore the Republic.. so despite the shenannigans, we are still in the GOP and are not giving up the fight for liberty, despite Romney..


2. Ron Paul IS NOT a "RepubliCAN!
3. Submitting to the GOP... IS "giving up the fight for liberty!"

Wow... so much repeated (Goebbels-style) Establishment gibberish... you don't know where to begin to correct it.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Sorry, but what is your point?

Concerning your first paragraph - the "race" is usually always called before CA is done.

As a 23 year-registered Republican, who is active in my party, a Republican Township elected Trustee, and a very active liberty activist - let me say that I agree that we are and should be "in the GOP" and I am not giving up the fight for liberty either. I won't be voting for Mitt Romney, however, as the idea that you can hold him accountable by rewarding him with a win is not realistic, to say the least.

I will be voting Romney

I tok a loyalty oath and I intend to keep ot just as I would have hoped the RNC would have. The oath is something I chose to take, and while I don't agree with much of the shenannigans in my new party, I feel it is important to myself.. I'll be true to myself and the oath I took, and support my party that I will expect support likewise on restoring the republic. There are likeminded individuals on my committee, who we may not agree on all the issues, but we do agree the constitution is not just a piece of paper.

I would hope that we would be the generation of Republicans that would clean the party up, constitutionally, not by fraud or corruption.