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Senator visiting my place of work for discussion with his constituents

Sen. Alexander (R-TN) visits my work for a discussion with his constituents on Friday and there's just too much to grill him on.

I'm looking for a very clear, recent topic I can present that will hopefully inspire others to question the status quo. The Fed, bailouts, voting against Civil Liberties, voting for Foreign aide to dictators, etc. I feel like I may need some help making the case and would like to prepare so as not to look like an ass and possibly do more damage than good.

Congressman Cooper came here as well but he was very slippery and dismissive. It was extremely hard to discuss much with him. He was a master of deflection and platitudes.

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These visits are

These visits are photo-opportunities typically. I doubt the Senator or your employer are interested in you making hay over the Fed or any other topic his party ignores. If you try to embarrass or corner him, you'll probably hear from your boss.

Number one, is this man visiting your place of work because he was invited by the company owner? If so, you may want to sit this one out. Raise important issues at a different venue. One where your ire would be more appropriate. You represent your company while you are on their property... unless these politicians are unwanted visitors? If that is the case, let the interrogation begin.

My dad retired in 1990 and

My dad retired in 1990 and had $100,000 in their retiree savings account. Now, twenty years later, that same account, untouched, still shows $100,000. If they now go and spend it on goods and services they would only be able to purchase 40% of what they could have purchased if they spent it back in 1990. So, actually, they now only have $40,000 in that account.

The Federal Reserve is responsible for loss of the other $60,000 of my parents hard hard earned money. What are you going to do about this and when will they be receiving their check for that amount from the Federal Reserve?

This question brings retiree's into play, you know, the older folks who we don't have on our side yet; an education on the loss of our purchasing power; and the Federal Reserve, in a simple example.

In the NWO game, Lamar pushed the commie education

I remember Charlotte Iserbyt saying something about how Lamar screwed us with commie / soviet education.

But the Fed thing really does encompass everything. Everything that we hate about government is possible because of the Fed. I explain to the kids at my co-op, the great thing about America is that there are checks and balances, but the Federal Reserve has no checks on it. Isn't that a problem?

That's a reasonable way of saying it without coming off as unhinged.

Audit the Fed

He is one of 13 Republican Senators who has yet to cosponsor the Audit the Fed bill, S. 202. He also voted against a full audit in 2010.

We're going to need every Republican on board if its going to have any chance of passing.

I don't know how many times

I don't know how many times I've called Sen. Alexander's office or written him on issues that we are all interested in on this website. I've pretty much lost faith in him ever getting it and sadly, the people in this state keep voting him in ...election after election. I'd bring up the fact that sometimes, we have to think outside the box and that times do change. Or if they don't, we are beginning to realize that when the Constitution is applied to the problems of today, we would figure them out in a much better way. If you bring anything they say back to the coming economic crisis, usually you can win the argument. When they argue for more war, we can say but we can't afford it. If they say, we're going to balance the budget in 10 years, we can say those so-called "cuts" are on the proposed increases (not an actual cut), we are still headed towards an economic collapse (and that it is immoral for us to "pass the buck" to our children and grandchildren). Ask him what he plans to do in Tennessee if we have an economic collapse. I'd call him out on his plans for TN WHEN (not if) it happens. At least you'd have a little idea of what might happen here. Let us know what you ask and what he says. I'm curious.

You might ask the lying sack about all his connections to...

federal reserve banks and ask if that had anything to do with his opposition to auditing the Fed.


enlighten me on his connections, I never found any.

Also I believe that S. 202 hasn't come up for a vote so I couldn't say he has opposition to it, he hasn't co-sponsored but that doesn't mean opposition-on paper that is.

Behind the curtain I'm sure he's opposed to it.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

I will have to find the quotations from his opposition in 2009.

Since I do not have time right now, you probably should google them.

You will find a list of federal reserve banks in Tennessee. One of them is on a street named after Lamar Alexander.

Check out his list of donors from previous campaigns.


for liberty

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed