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Pure Gold: Romney too endorsed the U.S. backing of Al Queda rebels in Libya. Blowback is no surprise.

Neo-con warmongering Romney can't understand Blowback from our governments involvement in the Libya civil war? Romney was just as on board with this interventionism as John McCain, Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and the list goes on and on of interventionist warmongers.

Here, he is of course dead wrong on congress approving a no-fly zone over Libya... yet Romney wanted our intervention anyway. 2011 is a much better year to hear the first words of Romney on Libya.


Start around 1:25


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Part of why I think this is very important.

It should be very well noted that Romney would have not dealt with the situation in Libya any differently than Obama.

Fox News is beating this story to death about the 4 American deaths in Benghazi, and to tell you the truth... Well Played. But, it's NOT just Obama and his administration lying that should be under mass scrutiny. It should be the ever-failing interventionist foreign policy and blowback. That is what should be under scrutiny.