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Italian mainstream press says voting rigged in U.S.A.

Michael Carmichael: Hillary Vote Rigged - EU Press
Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 10:21 am
Article: Michael Carmichael

European press: It wasn't a miracle - Hillary won via a rigged vote

By Michael Carmichael, Planetary Movement, via Global Research
Feature Article - January 14, 2008

The mainstream Italian media are reporting both the rigging of the New Hampshire primary for Senator Hillary Clinton and the official demands for a swift, accurate and impartial recount. In an article written by Marcello Foa, one of Europe's most respected journalists, it appears that vote tallies for all Democratic candidates as well as Republicans were reduced by Diebold vote-counting machines.

In an analysis of the hand-counted ballots, the influential Milanese newspaper - Il Giornale, reports that all Democratic candidates except Senator Hillary Clinton made gains when the New Hampshire ballots were manually tabulated, while Senator Clinton made inexplicably large gains where ballots were tabulated by computerized scanners.

According to the report, Ron Paul should have finished third in the Republican primary rather than fifth. Thus, it would appear that both Barack Obama and Ron Paul were the primary targets of vote-rigging operations in New Hampshire.

Il Giornale cites the Princeton study that alerted public attention to the vulnerability of computerized voting machines used throughout America to deliberate vote-tampering and election-rigging via manipulation of the memory cards.

The state of New Hampshire is equipped with computerized tabulation machines manufactured by Diebold, devices that have received a massive amount of negative publicity after the public awareness of vote-rigging surged dramatically following the presidential election scandal of 2000.

In previous statements, former President Jimmy Carter - who has a global reputation as one of the foremost authorities on election procedures - has frequently pointed out that the United States of America does not meet international criteria for electoral security.

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International Media and Supporters

are giving Ron Paul more attention than our US media! A big Thank You to all our international supporters from all over the world! There should be a video mix showing reports and support from all over the world with signs Aussies for Ron Paul, UK for Ron Paul, Germany for Ron Paul etc...

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

100% Exit Poll

We need a 100% Exit Poll. A Verify the Vote table set up in each precinct. A Parallel Presidential Poll happening all day by volunteers to double check the counts. An Audit the Election so that we have a well supported, can't be objected to, count at the end of the day for each candidate independent from the two party system.

Someone needs to reach an organization or person who has the ability to set this up and do it. It could be set up in two weeks and we could stop moaning and groaning about getting shafted.

link for article

URL of this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&c...

"Carpe Diem"-Seize the day!!!

Ron Paul is third in NH according to report.VOTE RIGGED!...

Why is Dr. Paul,then, NOT interested in a recount.This issue of vote rigging needs to be addressed before it's too late.

"Carpe Diem"-Seize the day!!!

Time + Energy

And we don't have either to go "back" for a state that only offers up 12 total delegates when this week alone there are three states offering 88 delegates, let alone Super Tuesday.

Is there a link?

Even if it is in Italian.


Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!