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MItt Romney Draws 10,000 at Denver Rally


Roughly 10,000 people packed into the Red Rocks Amphitheatre concert venue west of Denver, with thousands more turned away at the door. Traffic leading into Red Rocks gridlocked in the hours before the event. The lines to go through security and enter the venue wound through the parking lots.

It was the Romney campaign's biggest rally in Colorado by far, and the campaign pulled out the stops for it.


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Obama cant even get his Ohio zombies out

At least its 10,000 for Romney in an already left-leaning state..

People probably came for the music.

Mitt Romney has the best supporters money can buy.

Romney is pathetic

Ron Paul never had to pay people's transportation/food & lodging expenses to get them to show up. RP really did "draw" the crowds, Romney has to beg them and pay for them.

I'm sure Mitt was handing out sandwiches...

that's usually how he gets people to come to his things. ;)

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Dr. Paul drew 9,000 @ UCLA 5 months ago!

and that was WITHOUT ANY media support...

i agree with the poster that said we could draw 100,000 now!

obombya would be shaking in his boots...

but, the ptb don't want change, the ptb WANT world wide WAR so we get robamney and virtually the same support (WITH national media attention and LESS THAN two weeks before the election) that Dr. Paul got on his own 5 months ago in the PRIMARIES!

this freaking place SUCKS

FUCK Amerika!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Ugh... GTFO

GTFO of my state.... and take all your fake a** bussed-in zombies with you!

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I am sure it was well staged...

every mormon within 500 miles was bussed in I am sure.

Kind of pricey but when you consider that the bankers and the military industrial complex have donated hundreds of millions of dollars that they received from helicopter Ben compliments of the taxpayer...hey, it is not such a bad deal.

RUSH sold out 2 nights in a

RUSH sold out 2 nights in a row and we could smoke! lol

who cares... I Live here and

who cares... I Live here and didn't see anything like that lol...

Ron Paul would have been drawing 100,000 +

At the moment, if he was the nominee, people left right and center would be waking up, and freedom would be alot closer.

Millions where spent trying to keep Freedom and Ron Paul down, Millions where spent to prop up Romney to where he is now.

What a SHAM!

Are these 10,000 the folks he wanted to bus in from Utah?


Utah: Help Mitt Win Colorado

Help Mitt Romney and the Republican Team win the battleground state of Colorado! We will deploy to Colorado during the next two weekends! Sign up for a weekend that works for you.

After signing up to deploy, a member of the Utah Deployment team will contact you in order to discuss departure details and answer any questions you may have...

..Transportation, lodging, and meals will be provided for you during your deployment.

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geez, a freakin' vacation to colorado?

all expenses paid?

where the freak do i sign up?

i love colorado!

so, this is how its done...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

It does seem odd if 10K want to see him there he has to bus in


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NICE!!! I think you are on to something!!

good catch!

What a circus. The placard

What a circus. The placard 'Colorado' logo and all the noise makers reminded me of North Korea.

Southern Agrarian