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PA-9th Candidate Claims Own Party Leaders Working For Opponent

A Democratic candidate seeking to represent the 9th Congressional District claims that leaders of the Fayette County Democratic Party are working against her.

Karen Ramsburg of Mercersburg is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Hollidaysburg, in his bid for re-election and said that her being left off the invitation list for tonight’s Democratic Party banquet has made it clear the local party is instead supporting Shuster.



To provide a little background. Rep. Bill Shuster and his father Rep. Bud Shuster have held that House seat in Congress every year since 1973 (20 terms, 40 years). Rarely over the decades have Democrats or other Republicans challenged that seat. With no Democrats for Congress on the ballot in the closed primary, Democrat voters had choice of a blank vote or a write-in. A little badda-bing and a nurse named Karen Ramsburg is the Democrat nominee running against the mob. Ramsburg is pro-life, pro gun rights.

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Here in Houston we have a

Here in Houston we have a Lyndon La Rouche Democrat by the name of Kesha Rogers who beat out her partisan Democrat buddies in the primaries and now the DNC of Houston has sent a disclaimer about her and withheld all election funding. Dissent isn't popular in the duopoly.

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I just posted a recent candidates forum. Give her a look.


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