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The Ron Paul Liberty Corvette is for sale...

Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know that the Ron Paul Liberty Corvette is for sale if there are any collectors here. I love this car and don't really want to sell it but I really think it should go to a collector who will keep it indoors. I do take good care of it, but I love to drive it and would easily have over 100k miles on it within a few short years. I think it deserves a better place (a museum would be great).

Anyway, here's the listing and more info...


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I saw this at PaulFest

Wish I could buy it.

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Neatest ebay page I ever saw

I enjoyed reading your story and the pictures. Does Harrah's in Nevada still collect cars http://automuseum.org/

I have a picture of it when

I have a picture of it when it was parked outside the Texas convention in Ft. Worth. Were you standing next to it? I may have talked to you (my delegate/friends group)

Southern Agrarian

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I was there, but not sure if

I was there, but not sure if we met. You can see a pic of me in the driver's seat here:

If the car don't sell, I have every intention of just continuing to drive it...

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