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How could future liberty candidates go about receiving a Ron Paul endorsement?

This question has been on my mind recently. As we all know right now, the most coveted prize for Romney would be a Ron Paul endorsement, and it's a wonderful thing to know that he isn't going to get it. --

However, the closest thing that I've seen is from the poster who has worked on updating this list of liberty candidates. Thank you by the way.


But starting now, even for this election, 2014, & 2016, I believe that it would be great if Ron Paul had a certain criteria much like this person has started. Perhaps any would be candidate could pay to apply. Then after the application is submitted, it could move on to a Ron Paul designated panel in each state, and if that panel believes that they would be a candidate that Ron Paul would endorse, then the next step might be an interview with Ron Paul, and a possible endorsement at that point. His influence right now is huge.
Without the endorsement that Romney wants right now, I still believe that Romney is going to lose to Obama.

We know that a Ron Paul endorsement carries huge weight with it now. I've brought this up before, but again, I think the key to winning in 2016 will be to flood the stage with the majority of liberty candidates. Ron Paul may not be the guy in 2016, but it would be great if he could actually endorse any Republican, or better yet, 5+ would be even better for our chances of a liberty candidate like Ron Paul winning the POTUS.

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I hope you're not confusing

I hope you're not confusing the liberty candidate list as being the same thing as a Ron Paul endorsement.