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Russia - Penalties for Drugs


I do not do drugs and know little about them and the penalties associated with them. Perhaps someone else can contrast them.

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More of a slap on the wrist

More of a slap on the wrist e.g. speeding ticket for personal use, personal cultivation or promotion of narcotics but you'll be jailed if your involved in distribution for profit, smuggling or extortion. The jail time is begged to a escalating chart. Possession of large quantities with intent to distribute or involved in distribution starts off at 2 years and it works its way up to a 20 year max if violence or threat of it, minors, unintended death or government official involved.

So it looks like if you keep to yourself and grow for your own personal use your fine but if you get caught you'll get fine of what would amount to a American speeding ticket and confiscation but if your involved in distribution for profit, smuggling, minors, violence you'll get jail time at a minimum of 2 years and on a escalating scale you could get a 20 year max.

The difference between America and Russia on this issue is if you stay to yourself do no harm to anyone and grow for personal use you could still get up to 5 years with no more than 250,000 in fines meaning they have alot of room to fuck you on your first offense and thats just for the first offense which is why the American incarceration rate is so high. The max in Russia is 20 years and no more than 5,000 in fines including confiscation in America the max is Life for repeat offenders with fines reaching in the multi millions.