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Stare down the Monster and see Him as He is...inept by Fraud!

I haven't heard Ron Paul's resignation from this race...
I haven't witnessed the legitimate nomination of a Republican nominee other than the nomination stolen from Ron Paul...
Fraud and VIOLATION of Federal Voting Laws cannot long be covered up...
and I'm supposed to vote for a man who has numerous Federal lawsuits filed against him at this very moment...

The UNITED STATES has gotten so good at propping up Dictators around the world that we are witnessing it at home in this election...

Romney's "Republican nomination" is VOID! BY LAW!

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the Monster is ~

"one-eyed", = the ugly ogre ogling from the apex of the pyramid, which is printed on the $-1 note. This is mentioned in the Revelation as the "Beast". It relates to money & trickery, = magic, = a craft of zionist cabal.

hear the presidential debates , here -
"Debate Summary: Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel -
And, oh yeah, America",

Also interesting

Also interesting,and worth a look is the "Jewish Exodus from Arab and Muslim countries", you will find a list (scroll down) of participants in this. Very interesting list indeed.. If you the time, the back story is interesting as well.

Romney Preys at the Wailing Wall.

thanks for the link, I browsed thru - its a longish article.

The title of this thread is about Mitt, the monster, a predator at Bains Capital. Mitt Romney intended to visit JeruSalem's holy sites, ... a trip to burnish his foreign-policy credentials. The ignorant idiot does not know that the wall where he stuck his note of prayer belongs to the Roman Fort Antonia =


sorry i commented here. That link you gave me went to some goddy jerusalem story. A REAL SNOOZER. Not my thing. I was pointing out the list of countries in this article. They line up with our murdering spree.
These are actual events, not biblical fairy tales. Israel is not our friend, they are the little brother with a big mouth.

re - Big Mouth,

+1, so right, this big mouth of zion repeats the lies, cries for 'security', blames many nations for persecuting them, threatens some with attacks, collects compensations for holocaust, claims rights over other peoples' home & farms, also claims the privilege to charge usury from the goyem (other breed or creed), racist superiority complex, & worst of all they slander the noble Maseah & his virtuous mother. etc.

Everything you've said is true. Problem is...

...even our monetary system, since 1971, even since 1913, has been fraudulent on its face - yet it is still honored.

What to do? What to do???

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.