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Terrific Article: Johnson Offers an Alternative Presidential Pick

by Drew Freakley

Voting is one of the most sacred liberties in America. Having a direct hand in the election of your representatives allows you to vote for the change you want to see in your state and nation.

Voting, however, is a double-edged sword. In America, we often encounter “voter fatigue.” The sheer number of elections, at both state and federal level, requires the average citizen to be informed about many different candidates. The issue here is the intensive nature of becoming informed on all your candidates, their views and whether they fall within your party’s views would tire the voter. Hence the two-party system.

In theory, two-party systems are supposed to make voting easier. In practice, however, we find that the political views of the American people are not so black and white.

Many young Americans find themselves leaning left on civil liberties, while leaning right on fiscal issues. With such a split between the two parties, the question becomes: “which of these two is right for me?”

The answer is neither. People talk about voting like it is choosing the lesser of two evils, but, in that sense, it’s still a vote for evil. Democrat or Republican, these parties are centuries old with unwavering ideologies. There is no law that supports the two-party system.

Instead, it has monopolized control of the political process. They bicker over civil liberties and economic spending, but never actually change the system that is on the edge of default. Our generation is on the precipice of American politics, and we are screaming for change. That change is the Libertarian Party.


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