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She Is Terrified Of UKIP/Nigel Farage :)


Stopping UKIP, October 2012

"You are talking about the MOMENT when fear of UKIP within the Torrie Party
actually starts to effect the British National interest..."

"I don't see HOW you can look at their (UKIP) proposition of opting out of EU Justice powers and take it seriously... you're talking about (here it comes; why we need 'EU' :) ).....
people smuggling
drug trafficking
money laundering
anti-terrorism... things on which we really, really rely...
children as sex slaves..
we NEED (to give up) these Powers of Cooperation...."

"You have to fight these terrible 'rear-guard' (UKIP) actions within the coalition don't you?"
Liberty/Sovereignty v. Security/Safety will ALWAYS be the argument
they use and rely on to argue for their surrender of Freedom and Responsibility.
It's how and why they gave up their guns
and grew the UK police state.
But it only got worse didn't it?

No matter how many cameras they installed.
Further relinquishing even MORE powers and sovereignty to the EU justice powers will (finally) keep them safe.
or so she thinks.

Just go away Nigel... you're SCARING her. :)

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One of the top rated

One of the top rated comments:

I will never vote for one of the main 3 pointless betraying parties ever again.

Interesting. Many are hoping for a viable third party here in the US (me included). Would a third party suffer the same fate as in the UK? Or will the way our government is set up give more integrity to a third party?

Good post,

showing where we are all headed thanks to those who have no respect for the rights of the people. Thank you for the information in your following comment.

Brit patriots comment:

In 1973 the UK joined the Common Market (of Europe). Brits were told at the time that it was simply a trading union, and that we would lose none of our sovereignty. We were lied to, and are still being lied to.
About 75% of the laws now enacted in the UK originate from the EU, and they take precedence over our own laws, which are based on over 1000 years of our history. Our government simply rubber stamps them, to give some facade of democracy. So in essence our vote has been rendered meaningless. But the worm is turning. I suspect that what is happening on the streets of Greece is just the start. And here, a party called the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is increasingly popular.
I think that dissatisfaction in the UK for this dictatorship has grown to such a degree that, once out, we'd never go back. We Brits have fought to defend our freedoms too many times to roll over so easily, and the likes of the liar Cameron and other weasel politicians know this. The only hope we have now is for UKIP to shake the political foundations by attracting voters, so forcing the weasels to think again.
Here she is saying that we have to do what is best for "national interests" but she is against the rise of the UKIP (who the poplulace is starting to show more support for). What THEY think is in the national interest should be what the people of their country think as it's them who are affected by THEIR decisions. These INDIVIDUALS (inc the PM) who have been voted in should be acting on behalf of the population and listening to the people. They are in to serve not to dictate. These people are elitists who think we are too stupid to think for ourselves.

Thanks for the Background

I didn't really know what to make of the video until I read your update. Thanks.