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Real Truth - Inspired By "The Postman" (Kevin Costner - Great Film) Tell Me if it Inspires You Too

The Postman - Kevin Costner

If you have not seen The Postman I can't possibly recommend watching this movie strongly enough. Would love to see folks sit down and watch this movie and come away with a new understanding of the ideas of liberty.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENRuWNS1h9s <--- What that town sheriff said when he was standing on the firing line also comes to mind here "RIDE POSTMAN RIDE - YOU HEAR ME? I SAID RIDE!!!"

I cried like a little girl and I'm not afraid to admit it...

I am resolved to know that the PTB/PTW are well aware that they can never drag me into a court room and pull the veil over all the other poor brainwashed court workers eyes and successfully paint me as a "terrorist" or anti-government or somehow dangerous or violent. I've proven countless numbers of times that I'm no threat to anyone. I am also resolved to know that I would rather die than ever kill someone else. "Thou shalt not kill." I forgive all who have trespassed against me. I will not be led into temptation. Fear is just another one of those temptations we are not supposed to be led into... Yeay tho I walk through the valley of death - I will fear no evil.

I realize however that a death squad will only have a picture and an address and be told that I am something evil and they will not question their orders to extinguish my life. They will likely never read this post. Jesus fearlessly spoke the truth and became an idea that never died... it could only be co-opted and corrupted but even now that idea is purging itself of all the inconsistencies by real men who are asking real questions.

Real Truth Will Stand Up To Any Question.

Do I have fear? Of course I do... am I scared chitless to be writing these words? You're damn right I am! Do I have anything to lose? I can read the writings on the wall and realize that I'm already either going to live or "die" when it all comes down and my silence at this point would only further ensure the later becomes a reality. If you cannot see that and think for a second that your silence somehow protects you then when you do face your fate I can tell you that the last fleeting moments will surely be ones of regret... ones of "why didn't I speak out when I had the opportunities to?"

I have demonstrated the ability to simply lay this out so that the layman can understand the crimes that are being committed. I will keep speaking out until I am silenced. When I am silenced I will not "go to the light" - I will be back.

"You can't win Darth, if you strike me down I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." -- Obi Wan Kenobi

I bet my life on God's plan. When you can do that you will truly have liberty. I don't want your envy, jealousy or silence. I am trying to save your lives and have put my own on the line just to write these words and pray that you read them and it touches something inside you and fans that very small spark into something that becomes a brush fire in your Soul.

We are immortal living Souls. Your fear of death is the only thing that prevents you from achieving true freedom of expression. Death is the greatest lie ever sold. That fear is the only thing preventing you from spreading the message of liberty loud and clear to thousands of others before it's too late. The future is not a guarantee. You have the chance now to change that future.

"Fear is to warn us of the danger, not make us afraid of it." -- Duncan McLeoud - The Highlander

Very few can embrace their full scope of emotions and proudly proclaim that they are living, breathing souls with fears, sorrows or that they can even say the word "love."

I'm proud of myself and that's all I really need. Is that unhealthy ego or statement of fact? Before you answer I would ask you to search your soul and perform a thoughtful inventory of yourself.

Wouldn't you really want to write exactly what you think, just lay it all on the line and not be concerned with what others think of you? At the end of the day it is you who has to look in the mirror and you who is the final judge of yourself. To dis-like oneself is perhaps the most horrible form of torture.

Count to ten before you comment - Think hard before you call me an "egomaniac" or "narcissist." Just what is wrong with someone loving oneself or being proud of oneself or proudly proclaiming one is a "real man?" To believe that would be wrong and would be to believe that love itself is wrong or that truth is wrong. If you cannot love yourself how can you truly love anyone else? I'm convinced our biggest problem here is our inability as a species to do an honest self-inventory and speak REAL TRUTH due to a sick society's conditional "enhancements."

I am a man. What's more important is that I am REAL. We are surrounded by fakes, imposters and actors. We're surrounded by people who can't or won't speak the truth due to fear of all sorts of things... mostly fear of what others will think of them. What do you really care of what others think? It can only harm you if you allow it to harm you.

You are the one in control of your own mind. If you give up that control you've only done so because you have been brainwashed and conditioned to believe things that are simply not natural - you've been fluoridated, chemically lobotomized, digitally "enhanced" by high-def TV (for the love of God please turn that thing off) and made spiritually inert.

If you've given up that control you are already dead.

I love you... and my heart pours out to you - even the cointelpro monitors who want to put me on a list (that I'm likely already on) and I say that love truly conquers all. Call me crazy if you want - if you do you're only damning yourself to eternal anguish and suffering. It is our freedom of expression that defines us. It is our view of ourselves that truly shapes the reality around us. Nothing else really matters. It is your choice to live in a prison you create for yourself... or live free and as fearlessly as possible until the one day when you are freed from that flesh prison for all eternity.

I choose love. I choose truth. I choose to stand in the face of fear and loudly proclaim "I will not give in and I will never give up as long as I still possess the power to influence the minds of men to the ideas of freedom - the natural state of man."

Will the real men (which includes womb-men) please step forward and comment? I hope you can appreciate the nards it took to write these words and also hit the "send" button. I hope these words inspired you to speak truth to the powers-that-soon-were - we the people are the power - stand and be counted as one of the people, one of the few, the proud - the immortal living Souls here to save mankind and establish God's Kingdom here on earth.

Lay it down, come out from the shadows, put all your cards on the table and show me what you got. Inspire our would-be executioners to realize that they are better served to allow us to keep speaking out and further the cause of liberty for all eternity.

Make me proud... but above all make yourself proud.

May an infinite number of blessings be bestowed upon all who choose to comment here with unvarnished truth and fearless self-reflection.

Inspire me and others to establish what was ordained by the Master of the universe. Have I inspired that in you? Are you afraid that you might not be able to "measure up" or that you're not as eloquent as I am? Who gives a crap! Do you? You gotta crawl before you can walk... gotta start somewhere.

Might as well start right here and now.

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Maseah's Real Name.

+1, for a frank post, well meaning. I wish to focus on something specific in your post. You wrote = "Yeshua (Jesus's real name) fearlessly spoke the truth and became an idea that never died... it could only be co-opted and corrupted but even now that idea is purging itself of all the inconsistencies by real men who are asking real questions.

Real Truth Will Stand Up To Any Question."

In this regard I have a couple of questions, =
1, By what name did his mother call him ??
2, Do you have verifiable source-s for 'Yeshua' ?
3, Are you satisfied & certain he was called "Yeshua" ?

Thank you, in advance. Best wishes in your search & endeavors.


I'm busted. No I have not properly sourced that information... so I can't be 100% sure... I will edit the post.

Thank you for pointing out my mistake - I will change it at once so that it does not become an error.

CHANGE ? To What ??

+1, for spontaneity, wish to add many more 1=s.
pls wait a little while, search & verify, ask
seek and you shall find.

Edit, I noticed you removed "Yeshua". was no need for the hurry,
I wanted to read your reasons.

Bigger fish to fry...

The "I AM" knows who I'm talking about.

robot999's picture

Love Costner

love the Postman. It's in my collection, which is very small and selective ; )

Thanks for sharing, very moving post - peace, love and understanding out to you and yours.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I feel like I paint a target on my back with my mouth

and I am proud of the "fashion statement" it makes.
"I choose love. I choose truth. I choose to stand in the face of fear and loudly proclaim "I will not give in and I will never give up as long as I still possess the power to influence the minds of men to the ideas of freedom - the natural state of man."
See you in Eden, my brother! We can make it, and if we don't get there we will blaze the trail so that those that follow may.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thank you, RP, for speaking from

your Heart. I AM too as you say and we are more than we can now comprehend or know right now. Fear is belief in illusion and aggression (as in murdering little children and calling it collateral damage) is fear manifest. When one speaks from the Heart there is Love/Truth (ala JC) expressed and others hear and respond to it - just as Dr. Paul does every time he opens his mouth. I could write a book here but I'm not gonna - those who can hear will and those who are heart/brain-dead just won't get it.

You may notice

by looking through my other posts I rarely post something that gets a lot of up-votes. I attract a lot of "gov" monitors who don't want truth spread around - also folks should note that there are computer programs that are funded by the bankster minions and can comment almost as well as most average real live beings.

If I was trying to win a popularity contest I wouldn't be posting the real truth as I see it. I would censor myself and put my finger up to see which way the wind is blowing. Haven't we had enough of that crap?

I know I have.

Kevin Costner, favorite actor

Tom Petty, favorite musician...so "The Postman" is one of my favorites :)

"Waterworld" (another Costner "end of the world types" movie) is also pretty good too. A lot of folks didn't like it but I did.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Full disclosure..

I know you posted this comment when I just had the link to the movie up and not much else... since then I made a major edit and wrote everything else. Just don't want anyone to think your comment was ignorant of the rest of the post which you didn't read.

Feel free to take another wack at it...

No problem "Ford Lincoln-Mercury" ;)

Phew, you did change the post. You must have percolated on the Sheriff's last words. I've been percolating somewhat too, here's one of my latest, it's based on a quote too: http://www.dailypaul.com/255942/anybody-here-ever-read-dicke...

I fully understand what you're saying here. I think perhaps I'm a little more "torn up" right now that I don't feel much like fighting back against the system (I am always tempted to use the term "Shitstem" as the Rastafarians do but no one would get it.) I thought at first back in 2007 that perhaps I could slow down the oncoming trainwreck at the very least for my teenage children, now I'm thinking I tried with all my heart, soul and body to the point of threatening my own health -- I'm thinking "because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold" and I'm thinking I should "seek 1st the Kingdom of God" and "even so Lord come" because there's no putting the squirt back in the grapefruit. I pray about it, that's where I'm at right now.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I far infrequently take this advice but...

I suggest meditation. The few times I have forced myself to turn off the computer, the lights and sit in the dark all by myself... for more than ten minutes... I have opened my eyes surprisingly rejuvenated and recharged.

The source energy is all around us and all we have to do is take a little time each day (again vincent - take your own advice here) to tap into it.