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Libertarian Johnson stumps in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - This campaign season, the major party presidential candidates have both largely stayed away from Indiana, as Democrats and Republicans seem convinced the state will go Mitt Romney's way.

But one presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, has taken the opposite approach. He's been in Indiana and took time during a long visit Thursday to speak with 24-Hour News 8 anchor Scott Sander. Click play in the video player above to hear from Johnson.


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A recent poll in Indianapolis has Johnson at 13.2%. Must be a lot of Liberty people there. Great if it holds up.



maybe ill stop by and ask him

maybe ill stop by and ask him on camera about all the things that his detractors despise him for.

I wish you would, I really do.

Maybe we could compile a list of questions on another thread. I mean, if you're serious about it. :)

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I think those using Pentagon computers while posting here have a valid reason to despise 'Governor Veto' since his plan is to cut the Pentagon budget by 43% therefore putting their employment at risk.

Some folks have short memory.
GJ answered hundreds of difficult questions during his 3 AMA "ask me anything" sessions on Reddit.

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Maybe those using out of

Maybe those using out of country computers should butt out of our business.

Please do

I'd love to hear the response to those questions.

Blessings )o(