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Texas attorney general warns UN poll watchers to keep their distance

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot sent a letter Tuesdsay warning United Nations-affiliated poll watchers that they do not have jurisdiction in the state and will, therefore, be criminally prosecuted if they attempt to interfere at Texas polling locations on Nov. 6.

The letter, addressed to Ambassador Daan Everts, came in response to the announcement that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will deploy scores of election monitors to the U.S. in an effort to monitor conservative groups for voter suppression or intimidation.


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The UN is just trying to impose itself upon

this country. They want to make their presence known as an authority in the US.

Remember all of you so called Liberty lovers.. this is the same group that would have your guns.

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This enrages me! Our government officials want to gripe about voter intimidation around the world. But, the a$$holes complain when our voting system is questioned! I hope we have a lot more honest sheriffs than they have intimidating States' Attorney Generals! I don't like the UN, much. But, this is where they are doing an honest job. Is this guy worried that voting dishonesty will be captured by the group?

Since when is the UN the arbitor of honesty and freedom?

The Attorney is a patriot doing his duty to uphold the law! The UN has absolutely no role anywhere. It is is the forerunner of the One World Government.

Would you care to explain the difference between "our" honest sheriff's and "their" Attorney General? Both are elected officials. And it is the correct role of the Texas State Attorney to address this situation as it is a state/federal issue- not a simple local matter.

Besides, if these two foreign observers felt that the vote was being suppressed, what would they do? Call in the UN to right the situation? Are you okay with the idea of the globalists openly running US elections? Then we can all feel safe with blue hats sitting around while we vote to get the US out of the UN!!!

are they coming to


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
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Harrisburg only, supposedly.


This is the list that is circulating, but who knows what the real deal is.

This WOULD be cool if the guy

This WOULD be cool if the guy was actually doing it on principle and not just because he's pissed because his guy(Romney)would suffer.

Who said Romney was his guy?

Simply because he is a Republican? Then surely Romney is Ron Paul's guy too. Romney is not popular in Texas. Just disliked less than Obama.

“Groups and individuals from outside the United States are......

...not allowed to influence or interfere with the election process in Texas,” wrote Abbott.

"Yep, that is the KKK's jurisdiction" stated Governor Perry.

Im from Texas and Im outraged.

Does Gregg Abbot have something to hide. Is he really threatening to arrest someone for just milling around to see if any monkey bussiness is going on.

Many of us Texans don't want the UN to take away our........


I am torn between my natural antipathy toward the Texas Attorney Generals office, and the self-loathing being experienced at the rare occurrence of actually agreeing with Abbott.

In other words I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

What is your beef with the AG?

I have been pleased with what I have heard and seen of Abbott.

Absulutly not.

If you want to get contitutional about it, he is violating the 1rst amendment . I thought libertarians were strong on civil liberties. He is threatenong to arrest someone has a right to access Important information.Freedom of the press.Our first and most valuable right.

The laws you are citing are American law.

The members of the United Nations are mostly not American. What the Attorney General of Texas is doing is stating that the U.N. does not have sovereignty over Texas or the United States, which is true.

You are right. You have more authority, rights and duty to observe that election laws are followed, just like every other American than do U.N. observers. That is what Texas is arguing, that the U.N doesn't have the authority, without requesting and receiving permission from the state and federal government. If we allow the U.N. to dictate its rules to us, we lose our sovereignty to the U.N, both as the state of Texas ( which we had our own Revolution to win independence once already ) and as the United States.


As in all of the other countries in the world, they are there to observe. I guess we don't have to worry about New Black Panther intimidation in Texas. But, I would not trust establishment politicians any further than I could throw them! We needed the unbiased observers at the jokes we called "conventions", this year!


"Conservative" voter suppression.

This world is increasingly starting to scare me.

There's very little morality.

And I don't mean that in an "abortion" or "gay marriage" way.

Actually, the opposite.

Very few can, or is willing too, police THEMSELVES.

Foreign Military

Shouldn't we be killing foreign military forces within our borders?

Not one of those "peacekeepers" is a US citizen or national. All foreign nationals wearing a non US military uniform.


What we need to do

If we still have enough time to organize this-for example, the meetup groups-after you go to the polls to vote, stand outside for a couple hours or take shifts until the polls close in protest with signs that say something like "UN not welcome in US."

It is not a strong enough stance...but may send some kind of message for now, affirming that they are not needed or wanted. It would be great if some kind of silent protest could be made at every voting precinct.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

I haven't seen the following posted on the internet lately;


I love how they will only report "conservative suppression"

Nevermind the rapid Black Panther thugs outside of poll stations back in 08...

So they get radical liberals

to monitor elections to make sure that "conservative groups" don't suppress or intimidate voters. The liberals are destroying the world and they want to make sure our elections are legit.

This is how our country has been destroyed. The constant demonization by the liberal left that seems to work every time. They have demonized conservatives to the point that true conservatism is practically dead. They will do the same to libertarianism as well. I am convinced that Satan is a liberal.

EVERY state attorney general should be

outraged, and refuse to accommodate!

not to mention County Sheriff-


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Good for Texas

for reminding them that they have absolutely no jurisdiction here. Funny how they imply that voter suppression and intimidation only occurs among "conservative" groups, what a joke!

This is a very odd thread. I

This is a very odd thread. I see nothing but complaints on the DP about how elections are rigged, then when someone (anyone!) offers some sort of impartial solution, the crying starts... Wow. Really unbelievable.

Darned straight

They are acting like a bunch of hypocrites! It is OK in Afghanistan and Iran, but not here in the good old USSA, even after the crap that happened with our Ron Paul votes being stolen (overturned, disallowed)?!

UN Impartial ????

You think the UN is impartial?
You make me laugh - and want to sell you a bridge :)

International observers connected to the UN


Stand your ground,


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What are these UN people

What are these UN people going to do exactly??

That is what I was wondering

since they have to remain at least 100 feet from the door of the polling place. Maybe they are to acclimate us to their presence, at this point.