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Mike Wallace has been Endorsed by Ron Paul!

We are proud to announce that Elected Maine Delegate to the GOP Convention, Mike Wallace, has received Ron Paul's endorsement in his bid to represent South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough in the Maine Senate!

"I saw firsthand during my campaign for President Mike Wallace's commitment to individual liberties and smaller government. That is why I couldn't be happier to endorse Mike for State Senator." - Ron Paul


Please honor Dr. Paul and his vision of liberty by supporting the local candidates like Mike whom he inspired to seek office in order to make our states free and thriving, regardless of what Washington does!

Mike is in a tough race against Rebecca Millett, one of the most liberal candidates now running in Maine. Ms. Millett endorses the radical "Fair Share Economy" which seeks to drastically raise taxes, even eliminating tax incentives for businesses investing in their own infrastructure and equipment, helping them to compete and create new jobs in Maine. Even after the failed federal stimulus packages, the Fair Share Economy includes a 1 billion dollar stimulus JUST FOR MAINE. We cannot afford Millet in the Maine Senate.

Despite the uber liberal leaning of his opponent, the state GOP is doing nothing to help him win. So we need the support of the liberty community!

Mike needs your help to win this race to further the economic recovery and the cause of freedom in Maine!

What you can do:

1. Watch Mike's new campaign commercial and share with all your friends and on all your lists:

2. Donate to Mike's campaign so we can get his commercial seen and get an important mailer out to all in his district:

3. Come to Mike's fundraiser Friday night in South Portland:
Friday, October 26th
The Grill House, 725 Broadway, South Portland, Maine

4. Canvas South Portland neighborhoods with Mike's Team on Saturday
Meet at 12:30pm at the Sea Dog Brewing Company South Portland
125 Western Ave., South Portland, Maine 04106

Get Mike Wallace elected! VoteMikeWallace.com

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bump for Maine!

And for those in California, please note that the SoS is supposed to annmounce tomorrow that Ron Paul will be a write-in on the California ballot.
Unfortunately, the link isn't even referencing the TITLE of the post which is
WAY TO GO, CALIFORNIA! but instead it's called


'hello my little friends'??? For shame on the mods.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Mike's a good guy and works

Mike's a good guy and works hard. I lost contact with him awhile back, but he's good for this position. Good luck Mike!!! And congrats!

Denise B's picture


to give a liberty candidate a bump. Wish we had some guys like him running in MA! May be time to start thinking about moving..

Yet still no presidential endorsement.


That's because Ron Paul is intelligent


If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

If YOU like him, I'm already

If YOU like him, I'm already suspicious. Sorry, but you have a toxic aura when it comes to these things.

No one is going to be Ron Paul perfect

I don't agree with Mike Wallace on several issues like same sex marriage, and I don't think RP agrees with that, but then.. whatever it's going to take to materiailze the message..