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How would the price of Silver and Gold be determined if the market did collapse?

Tied to a tangible good, like oil?
What would determine that price? "Real" market value, i.e. street value?

Thanks for your input.

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Ever heard of a "free market?"

If you have silver or gold, you get to decide what it is worth to you, compared to whatever it is you need. The right to enter contracts with other people and negotiate terms amenable to both is the very heart of a free market.
Would you believe me if I told you there are people selling silver for $204,600 an ounce, and I am among the buyers?
I do not take antibiotics, I buy Sovereign Silver - it is my preferred brand, not m y company. I do make my own for cleaning and use on my animals, but for myself and my family I purchase this brand. They claim its concentration to be 10ppm.

A gallon is about 4 liters, and at 10 ppm that is about 40 parts per gallon, or 40 milligrams of silver in a gallon of Sovereign Silver.

A troy ounce of silver is 31.1034768 g, or about 31,000 milligrams. You can get 775 gallons of colloidal silver from one troy ounce. At the bulk discount price of $264 per gallon, that is $204,600 per ounce of silver.


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