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RP Revolution becomes more and more mainstream!

Fooling around on YouTube and I found these THREE interviews within the last month.

I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW that Huckabee (who was on the opposite side on the wars four years ago) and Ingraham are NOT notably libertarian and even are simply buttering their bread at times.

The most important point is that they are in MEDIA and they know what their AUDIENCE WANTS to hear. This means that OUR mindset is becoming the mindset of their listeners more and more.

We ARE winning. We just need to get done with this "circus" called an election and KEEP CHANGING MINDS. THAT is where our success lies.

Rand Paul and Laura Ingraham agree on need for less interventionist foreign policy

Mike Huckabee and Judge Napolitano are alarmed by Obama's secret kill list, targeting of Americans

Having gone through the frustrations of the last 5 years (since my awakening) these interviews were JAW DROPPING in the sense that they show the changing mood of the masses.

Huckabee: Bush was naive to assume democracy could be exported to Middle East

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Huckabee was actully on CNN

Huckabee was actully on CNN (i think) today, and he was talking about the republican party needing a new direction if it's going to survive...he proposed going in a more libertarian direction, leaviing social issues to the states and such. it was beautiful.

Ron Paul 2016. Its Never Too Late!

Thank God for Ron Paul.

Huckabee has been sounding off

on the drug war recently too, or at least certain enforcement aspects of it (asset forfeiture, DEA abuses)

Good point. Its not hard to

Good point. Its not hard to believe that that phony pandering swine has no moral compass and will say anything to increase his audience (just like all the rest of the MSM and politicians.) That is why they hire phonies like Huckabeast and why RP does not have a talk show on MSM.

All three interviews

do show something. Is it that Ron Paul's views on foreign policy are becoming mainstream? Or is it that these journalists who've known all along that Ron Paul had a wide and ever-growing following have simply been given the green light to now acknowledge it? (And let's not forget the innocent-sounding question of Greta recently.) As galling as it was to listen to those hypocrites who bashed Ron Paul right up until Tampa, as much as I'm sure this is tied to ratings/ad dollars (a wish to reflect what's popular) vs. any revelation on anyone's part, it sure did make me smile. Likely we'll hear similar seeming changes of heart re other issues supported by Ron Paul EXCEPT re money issues. There, tptb need to maintain the status quo system and status quo msm message that Ron Paul's views are "extreme." http://www.dailypaul.com/260262/greg-palast-get-ready-for-ma...

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It is indeed!

Now that he's out of the race...i've noticed. They ain't seen nuttin' yet.

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I won't even give Huckabee

I won't even give Huckabee the click traffic.


well at least you would only be giving YOUTube the traffic and not Huck's site. (but then again, I am a computer moron, so I could be wrong)

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