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Help Ron Paul's Endorsement "Kurt Bills" Win... We need funds for more air time... Check out the TV AD


Tonight, I will air my first ad on the Minnesota Vikings-Tampa Bay game on KARE-11.

You can see the ad here.

I chose to run this as my first ad because I believe the Minnesota press is not asking the hard questions of Senator Klobuchar about her dealings with Tom Petters.

The Daily Caller broke the story on October 19th, yet no one has asked Klobuchar the tough questions.

Only Amy Klobuchar can answer the questions, and she has so far failed. You can see her denial here– a VERY aggressive response….to an accusation I have not made. You can help me expand my media buy by contributing $100, $50, or even $25 today. Your help is urgently needed to get this story out.

In Minnesota, we hold our leaders to a higher standard. We demand that the men and women we send to Washington stand above reproach and steer clear of the web of corruption, kickbacks and special favors.

If Sen. Klobuchar did indeed fail to protect Minnesotans from a predator like Tom Peters in exchange for campaign contributions in both 2002 and 2006, then she would be fundamentally unqualified to represent our state. Minnesotans of all political stripes - Democrats, Republicans and Independents - deserve a straight and thorough answer, and they deserve it right away.

Help me get the message out. Please consider contributing $100, $50, or even $25 today.

We can end crony capitalism together.

Kurt Bills

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