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A Third Party Vote Is A Vote For America (article)

October 25, 2012 by Sam Rolley
A Third Party Vote Is A Vote For America

On Monday, Americans watched a supposedly liberal candidate for President and a supposedly conservative candidate for President agree on the importance of massive military spending.

Those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 with the hopes of less American meddling in the Mideast heard him talking about why he has used drone attacks galore in the region, even killing an American citizen in the role of judge, jury and executioner. They heard why we must remain in the Mideast and why America must shun cuts to military spending.

Mitt Romney agreed with Obama on his points and upped the ante, suggesting that not only should cuts be shunned but also that military spending increases should be championed. And conservative voters watched yet another Romney forward-march toward centrist candidate, effectively Etch A Sketch-ing much of the “true conservative” Republican persona that many voters on the right so badly wanted to battle Obama in the coming election....

Read more at: http://personalliberty.com/2012/10/25/a-third-party-vote-is-...

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And where you can, VOTE RON PAUL

It's supposed to be announced TOMORROW that RON PAUL has 55 ELECTORS in CALIFORNIA and should be on the OFFICIAL CERTIFIED LIST OF WRITE-IN CANDIDATES but the post that ANNOUNCED this most IMPORTANT INFORMATION is NOT on the FRONT PAGE or even in the STICKY BOX!!! And to ADD INSULT TO INJURY - the link isn't even referencing the TITLE of the post which is

and instead it's called


'hello my little friends'???

What kind of obfuscation is that? I would expect this of the lamestreammedia, but NOT the DP. All the other thread links use the subject of the thread in the link EXCEPT this one as far as I have checked.
Is the DP DELIBERATELY TRYING to eliminate all possibility of having Ron Paul getting more votes because of its new found love for gj? Makes me wonder.
Please go to the link and bump and plus it a top post so those Californians who may wander to this page will see it.
Shame on the DP mods for BLACKING-OUT this most important information from the masses.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Great article! Thank you for

Great article! Thank you for finding it! Just spread it to 3000+ people on facebook too.

Blessings )o(

Maeve, in case you missed it

Ron Paul should be on the ballot in California as a write-in. They should announce this tomorrow.
Please see:


If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison